Best Tattoo Removal Laser

March 2, 2017
Best tattoo removal laser

What is the best tattoo removal laser? 

We often get asked this question several times a day.  The answer regarding the best tattoo laser removal is complex.  Tattoo removal using laser has been proven as the gold standard for removal of unwanted tattoos for the past 20 years.*

The best tattoo laser depends on many factors including the colour of the ink, as well as the patient’s skin type.  Rather than addressing what is the best tattoo removal laser, specialist laser removal nurses will address the predicted values, which will give clients an idea as to how many sessions are needed for a tattoo removal.

In some cases, the best tattoo removal laser includes the PicoSure, however, new generation lasers such as the Pastelle, can still give an excellent result and in some cases, a better result than PicoSure.*  Here is a guide as to how many sessions or predicted values are needed for tattoo removal.


  1. Location of the tattoo ink.  Patients who have a tattoo on the head and neck area will respond better compared to patients who have a tattoo on the lower limbs.  This is because the immune system can carry away unwanted tattoo ink after the laser procedure more efficiently in areas such as the head and neck where there are many lymphatics.


  1. Colour of the tattoo ink.  Even the best laser tattoo removal machine will have difficulty removing pigments such as greens and blues.  Black is the easiest tattoo ink to remove followed by red.  Metallic colours and oxides such as flesh-coloured tattoos can be tricky.


  1. The density of the tattoo pigments.  More dense ink such as the outline would require more treatments compared to tattoos which are shaded.  Even the best tattoo removal laser will require at least four to seven treatments before the outline is faded.  In some cases the tattoo shading can be markedly improved with two treatments.*


  1. The layering of the tattoo ink.  In some cases, the tattoo artists layer different colours to achieve the end result.  A classic example is layering for Japanese tattoos.  The tattoo artist will often layer red after black to achieve a nice transition.  In this situation the best laser tattoo device would require two wavelengths to remove the different colours.*


  1. Last of all your body’s immune system which plays a rate-limiting factor.  Even using the best laser tattoo removal method, your immune system plays the most important role.  This is because laser itself shatters the ink into small particles.  These are then carried by your immune system to be removed naturally by your body.*


Apart from using the best equipment and best lasers for tattoo removal, technique, as well as aftercare, is essential in achieving the best results for laser tattoo removal.

The experts at The Fiori Institute will give you an accurate guide as to the number of treatments needed to remove that unwanted ink- book in for a free consultation.