Body Contouring and Cholesterol

June 17, 2016
body contouring

Is there a link between body contouring and increase in cholesterol?

Just as you wouldn’t undergo a medical procedure without doing your research beforehand and completely understanding what is involved, the US Food and Drug Administration does extensive research on all new technologies before they clear them for public use. On their website, they claim that “research is conducted in FDA laboratories and through collaborations with academia, healthcare providers, other government agencies and industry”*.

When a concern was raised that there may be a link between body contouring techniques and increase in cholesterol levels, the FDA carried out extensive research in 13 different US medical centres to study this. Some concern was presented that the method of cooling fat cells could cause blood lipid levels to rise and elevate liver enzymes*.

Multiple medical studies have proven that cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein, high-density lipoprotein and glucose remain within normal limits after CoolSculpting*. It is believed that the breakdown of fat cells after this treatment is too slow and gradual to affect blood chemistries or liver function*.

Take a look at what some of the top doctor’s say on the issue on RealSelf –

With the substantive evidence from these studies, the FDA cleared CoolSculpting in 2010 for public use.

Though there are not any significant risks related to this body contouring procedure, it should still be noted that it still comes with its own set of side effects. The most common are redness, swelling and bruising, which typically resolve in 1-3 weeks following the procedure. Temporary numbness can also be experienced. Studies show that CoolSculpting does not harm skin or muscle tissue, as the cold specifically targets the fat cells*.

Regardless, we still recommend that as with any procedure, both therapists and patients should be mindful of any unexpected responses. Every individual is different, and your results may be different from the next person’s. Your therapist should explain to you comprehensively all of the risks and side effects so you have a full understanding prior to undergoing body sculpting.

Make sure that you find a medically trained professional who will prepare you for your body contouring experience completely. At Fiori, we’ll take care of you and ensure you understand what is involved in your treatment.

Our Head of Clinical Training, cosmetic dermatologist Dr Davin Lim makes sure that all of our team keep themselves thoroughly informed about all the latest technologies, research and studies in the field of body contouring so we are at the forefront of the industry.

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