Creams for cellulite: do they work?

May 13, 2016

It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? Just rubbing some cream onto your cellulite, and having the skin tighten and smooth out by itself? Nice idea, but it isn’t too realistic.

There are likely thousands of cellulite creams on the market that make claims such as ‘improving the appearance of cellulite’. While some of these may have minimal temporary benefits, don’t mistake this for a promise to clear away all your cellulite permanently!

Research shows that over 70% of women experience cellulite in some form1. Due to thinner skin, it is much more common in women than in men, however some males still do experience it. For women particularly, cellulite is completely normal and not at all an indication of poor fitness or health. However, its presence can still result in people feeling self conscious and unhappy, sometimes unwilling to wear shorts or swimwear because of it.

At Fiori, we’re strong believers in celebrating ourselves, and enjoying our bodies. We believe that if you want to improve the way you look – you should! For some people, this may mean taking action to clear up the cellulite that bothers them.*

Chances are, if you look into cellulite treatment, you will probably have a look at the creams out there. Studies have looked into the use of certain ingredients in cellulite creams. Retinol and caffeine have been shown to improve the ‘orange-peel’ appearance of cellulite temporarily2, however the reality is that creams cannot penetrate to the root of the problem.

Dr Michael Dobryansky (realself Top Doctor) mentions on a realself forum, that ‘cellulite occurs deeper than any cream can penetrate. As such, creams will not produce satisfying results. The most effective treatment will be something that will address the problem layers which is the connections between skin and muscle’3.

Diet, exercise and hydration are some realistic ways to resist cellulite, however technology is also improving in non-invasive body contouring treatments. Thermage helps to smooth and tighten uneven or wrinkled skin, which may improve the skin’s appearance.*

If you look to dabble in cellulite creams, try some of the cheaper options before you waste lots of money. (Some even have a money back guarantee.)
For your best chance at fighting cellulite, consult with your doctor to discuss what treatment might work for you. At Fiori we offer clients free initial consultations. Book with us today.