Natural Acne Cure

March 8, 2017
natural acne cure

At The Fiori Institute Brisbane we are a firm believer of natural treatments as a supplement to treat acne. At the end of the day, our ethos is not to prescribe antibiotics or drugs such as Roaccutane.

There are many natural remedies.  However, not all patients will have a benefit from these treatments.  Here is a guideline as to what is the best practice for natural acne treatments.


1. Eating healthy.  It is shown that eating foods low in sugar and a low dairy intake can be beneficial This is due to the fact that it can reduce a certain factor known as IGF1 which has been implicated in acne.

2.  Supplementation with vitamin A can help.  We do not encourage massive doses of vitamin A, however, 2000 IU is a safe guide. Vitamin A can be found in fruits and also carrots.

3.  Zinc supplementation.  Supplementation with zinc sulfate two to three times a day can help boost your immune system which also helps fight the bacteria that can cause acne.

4.  Light therapy.  Have you ever noticed that when you are on holidays, your acne improves?  This is because stress levels are also diminished but most importantly if you are receiving sunlight, the blue and red light spectrums can actually help kill the bacteria that produce acne.  This forms the basis of our treatment using Kleresca phototherapy.  We use a combination of simple cleansers together with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and also blue light phototherapy to help acne-prone patients.  The science behind this is solid.*

5. Fruit peels with Alpha Hydroxy Acids can help exfoliate blackheads and whiteheads, leading to less congestion.  Light treatment using phototherapy works by killing P acnes* which is implicated in the formation of pustules and zits.


No matter how severe your acne is, there are always solutions.*  Book in for a free consultation with our skin care experts at The Fiori Institute. Our tailored pimple solutions will have you acne free in the shortest time possible- all without the use of drugs!