Self Confidence and Body Image

April 18, 2016
girl leaves

It was da Vinci that said ‘the greatest deception men [and women] suffer is from their own opinions’.

This is so true than when it comes to our body image. Australia’s 2007 national survey revealed that body image was the number one concern of both males and females. 28% of males and 34% of females are dissatisfied with their appearance1.

At Fiori, we recognise that there is a direct correlation between body image and self confidence, and we strive to make our clients and our community understand that the world has lost something extremely important.

So many companies take advantage of our insecurities around body image. The media throws fad diets, exercise machines, weight loss pills and more at us constantly. But there used to be romance and passion about the body. Da Vinci himself painted women and men who were natural, realistic, proportioned.

A video from Buzzfeed circulated on social media last year demonstrating the changing ideal of beauty in women over the centuries.

They also followed this up with a video on the standards of beauty for men around the world:

What these viral videos communicate to us is that beauty ideals are always changing. We don’t need to accept the task of living up to the current ideal body shape. We only need to accept ourselves, and who we want to be. That means ditching our negative opinions of ourselves and taking positive action.

Fiori’s own co-founder and CEO Emily Pillette-Hughes says that ‘not enough businesses give people a proactive choice when it comes to being their best selves’.

‘There is too much negative bias when it comes to body image and making improvements to your body,’ she says.

We encourage our clients to be who they want to be – to own YOU. Healthy eating and regular exercise is a major part of this, as is mindfulness, wellness and building healthy relationships.

We offer body contouring solutions to people who want to achieve their ideal, healthy shape and have exhausted all other avenues. Our non-invasive techniques are safe, tried and tested, and medically proven, giving everyday people access to a slimmer, more sculpted figure.

Get in touch with one of our friendly physicians to discuss how we can help you celebrate your body and boost your self-confidence with bodysculpting.


1The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (2010). Eating Disorders Prevention, Treatment & Management: An Evidence Review.