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Did you know that approximately 90% of acne can be treated without the use of drugs? No matter how severe or mild, the Fiori Institute will have a solution for your acne.*

We are experts in the treatment of all forms of acne, including hormonal, scarring, blackheads and whitehead acne, congested skin, as well as the normal teenage pimples and zits. We combine natural methods of acne management, including the very latest Kleresca, Dual blue light treatment, as well as chemical peels and other skin care products.

Why is the Fiori Institute one of Brisbane's leading clinics for acne treatments?  

Our high success rates for treating acne can be attributed to our specialised training conducted by dermatologists. Our ethos is to manage acne patients with natural methods, rather than the use of antibiotics or drugs such as Roaccutane. We have specialised treatment plans available for the various types of acne and we work with our patients to help them achieve the best possible results.*

What causes acne?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer for this question. Acne is due to a complex combination of environmental and genetic factors; however, hormones, oil production, as well as proliferation of bacteria and blocked skin pores all contribute to acne.

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How can blackheads, whiteheads, and congested skin be treated?

Good news! This is one of the easiest forms of acne to treat. We use a combination of simple chemical peels such as salicylic acid or lactic acid peels combined with simple skin care products to help with your congestion. Chemical peels can also exfoliate and unplug the keratin build-up that causes acne.*

What is the solution for more severe papulopustular/ cystic acne?

This type of acne presents as angrier lesions, which are red and often quite painful. They are frequently referred to as zits or pustules. In this case, the use of Kleresca Dual blue light therapy is the treatment of choice.*

In this form of acne there is a proliferation of bacteria. Light in the blue spectrum can activate chemicals within the skin to kill acne-forming bacteria. As light is a natural source of healing, no tablets are needed.

Can laser therapy help with acne treatment? 

Yes. In the past 10 years, there has been a trend towards low-level laser admission devices that produce a specific bacteria-killing wavelength.

This technology was first pioneered by Omnilux, which uses one blue light spectrum. Over the past two years, this has been improved with the use of Kleresca. This combines the use of a biophotonic agent – a cream that is activated with two spectrums of blue light. This provides a quicker course of action compared to the normal, low-level admission devices/Omnilux therapy that only use one spectrum of blue light.*



When can I expect to see results from my acne treatments?

This will depend on the severity and the subtype of acne that you exhibit. For patients that have combined blackhead and whitehead acne, along with congested skin, you will see improvements within the first two to three weeks. A simple salicylic acid or Vita A peel can help exfoliate the skin and remove blackheads within the week. More complex cases, such as cystic acne, may take from 6 to 10 weeks before you see the best results.*

Can diet influence acne?

Absolutely. At the Fiori Institute, patients are also advised on dietary modifications to help decrease the formation of new acne lesions. This includes the reduction of refined foods, as well as the avoidance of trigger factors. Each patient will have different trigger factors, which do include sugar, chocolates, and in some cases even gluten.*

What is hormonal acne? How can it be treated?

Hormonal acne affects one in four women, so it is extremely common. It presents as painful, deep, cystic acne around the chin and jawline area. It often worsens  one to two weeks prior to a woman’s period. Luckily, this form of acne can be treated with the use of a simple skin care regime, dual blue light therapy to kill the bacteria, reducing stress levels, and making some dietary modifications.*

Can acne scarring be treated at the same time as regular acne treatments?

Yes, research has now shown that early treatment of acne can help reduce scars. In fact, with the Kleresca Dual blue, scar management can be taken care of at the same time as your regular acne treatments. Once your acne is under control, we can help with minor acne scars by using various lasers, including Clear and Brilliant, Fraxel laser, as well as microneedling. For severe acne scarring, we will organise a referral to our resident dermatologist, Dr. Davin Lim, who specialises in scar removal.*

How do we differ from the other clinics that offer acne treatments?

When patients see us at the Fiori Institute, they are looking for a natural alternative to acne treatments and do not want to undertake Roaccutane or other antibiotics. All medications have side effects, so most patients with acne would rather try a non-medical way to treat their acne first.

Bearing this in mind, we do have one of Brisbane's highest success rates for treating acne. Our knowledge and fast track referral system to the best dermatologists in Brisbane ensures every case of acne can be managed effectively.

How much are acne treatments?

Acne treatments are very affordable and start at just $89 for chemical peels. Low level laser admission device treatments, such as Blue LED light therapy, start at $35 per session.

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