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The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body is Brisbane's leading body contouring specialist.  We provide patients with effective, non-surgical, no-liposuction alternatives to body contouring. 

Our high success rate can be attributed to our multitude of methods and devices which allow us to deliver favourable results.  We have a variety of proven clinical devices that provide predictable outcomes in the safety of a medical environment.*

What is body contouring?

There are two types of body contouring: invasive and non-invasive.  While invasive body contouring includes liposuction and laser-assisted procedures such as Vaser, non-invasive body contouring is achieved through controlled cooling or heating methods. Non-invasive body contouring is safer and requires minimal downtime compared to its invasive counterpart procedures.

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Who is an ideal candidate for body contouring? 

Non-invasive body contouring does not provide any shortcuts.  Body contouring is a suitable option to candidates that lead a moderately active lifestyle and eat healthily (with the odd binge treat). 

Body contouring is ideal for the patient who wants to lose one to two dress sizes, or 2 to 3 inches off the waist. Body contouring is so specific that with today’s devices we can target specific areas, including fat under the chin, along the flanks, and even the pectoral areas (in males). Additionally, body contouring can be performed to debulk truncal fat. Just one treatment will provide a 20% to 25% reduction in subcutaneous fat!*

Who is not a good candidate for body contouring and body sculpting?

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we firmly believe that each patient must be assessed on an individual basis so that we can achieve the best results possible. In general, poor candidates are usually patients who have body mass indexes (BMIs) of over 32. While BMIs calculate height and weight, they do not take muscle mass into consideration. In some cases, patients with BMIs in the mid 30s to high 30s with tiny areas of fat can be an excellent candidate for body contouring.

More frequently, poor candidates are patients who do not look after themselves physically. For a rapid change in body shape, only invasive liposuction and/or strict dieting and intense exercise can deliver the desired results.*

Why has it taken Australia so long to understand the concept of body contouring?

Body contouring was first invented by Harvard scientists in the United States in 2010. This procedure gained rapid popularity in the US, and was accepted worldwide within the following two years. In fact, CoolSculpting has been a household name in the United States since 2014. In general, Australia is about five years behind the United States in the context of aesthetics. It is only now that Australia is finding increased exposure to body contouring with the introduction of energy devices such as CoolSculpting, SculpSure, CoolTech, and the EndyMed PRO shaper.

What is the science behind body contouring and body shaping?

Harvard scientists have discovered that subcutaneous fat (also known as adipose tissue) that lies between the skin and muscle layer can be removed permanently with applied heating and cooling methods. If cold is used to destroy fat, the adipose tissue would need to be chilled between -11° to -17° C for a period of 35 to 60 minutes. For fat to be permanently reduced by heat, this tissue needs to be gently heated between 42° to 46° C for a period of 25 to 60 minutes.  This method is proven effective by dozens of clinical papers behind the devices that Fiori utilizes.

What devices are used at the Fiori Institute to contour the body and reduce unwanted fat?

We use only the best medical grade branded devices and proven technology to deliver results* to our clients. We have a vast array of energy devices because we are firm believers that our contouring treatments should be as unique as the individuals themselves.

What is the best treatment for overall reduction in girth?

We have a choice of two devices for an overall reduction in the abdomen and flanks. 

The first is CoolSculpting. With a large applicator size of CoolSculpting, both the abdominal area together with the flanks can be targeted for an overall reduction in fat. One treatment may yield up to a 20%-25% reduction of fat.

The second option is with SculpSure. This treatment is not as reliable as CoolSculpting, however, the primary positive to this option is that patients experience no downtime in their daily activities. SculpSure is ideal for patients who have pinchable fat of at least 2 to 3 inches. While it can be used to debulk fat around the abdominal and flank area, it is not a good treatment for the finesse of body contouring.*

Why combine treatments for body contouring?

Our director, trainer and board-certified aesthetic dermatologist, Dr Davin Lim has provided over 3000 treatments since 2001. He understands the process of synergistic treatments for optimal results and has found that combining body contouring treatments yields the best results for patients.*

Here are a sampling of cases where we would use a combined treatment plan:

Case Examples

A SculpSure procedure is used to debulk areas of fat, thereafter using the CoolSculpting treatment to finesse and sculpt areas such as the flanks and pectoral areas. For women, problematic areas such as the muffin top, bra strap area, and the back can be treated with the CoolSculpting mini. 

Devices such as the CoolSculpting mini can reduce fat under the chin and help decrease the dreaded ‘double chin’ look. We often combine other energy devices such as radiofrequency to help tighten skin, which results in an even more favourable result.

CoolSculpting is useful in helping to debulk areas such as the abdomen. Following this procedure, we often recommend a series of radiofrequency treatments that provide heat to the area using the state of the art EndyMed PRO shaper. This will result in a more even elimination of fat.

CoolSculpting can also be used to treat the inner and outer thighs. The resulting reduction in fat will often reveal cellulite, which we would then treat with the EndyMed PRO shaper. The heating properties of radiofrequency will help reduce cellulite in the area and yield a smoother overall appearance for the patient.

As you can see, the combinations are endless.*

How effective is body contouring?

The effectiveness of our body contouring methods is reliant on three factors: the training of our body sculptors, the standard of our equipment, and (most importantly) your body's immune response. With body contouring, your body's immune response is the rate limiting factor to help clear away the adipose tissue that has been destroyed by either heat or cold.

In unbiased population studies, 85% of patients are happy with CoolSculpting or CoolTech treatments, however, with SculpSure there is a failure rate of 25%. As with all other medical procedures, failure rates are known and acknowledged. The variability of the human body plays a large part in the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

How will I know which body contouring system is right for me?

Remember-- no two bodies are identical. We take this into account, as well as the consideration of your own expectations and needs. Our highly trained specialist team at The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body will assess you and, unlike other clinics, will assemble a personalised method to reach your desired results.*

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