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Never underestimate the power of perfect eyebrows. This is a key feature of your face; it frames the eyes and can provide more transformative results than treating wrinkles.*

Unlike the use of cosmetic liners, the very newest techniques using brow feathering, brow embroidery, microblading and Feather Touch techniques will create beautiful natural looking hair strokes for the perfect brow.*

Why should you have a brow makeover?

Eyebrows are one of the most commonly overlooked features of our faces, despite their incredible ability to rejuvenate and reshape a face. Expertly shaped eyebrows can frame your eyes and provide perfect symmetry for improved facial harmony. A well-shaped, groomed, and styled eyebrow can define and open the eyes.*

What happens to your eyebrows as you age? 

Eyebrows, much like skin, will show their age as time passes. The brow often drops with time and loses its pointed arch. Additionally, some clients experience hair loss and a loss of brow volume.

With newer techniques, such as Feather Touch, brow feathering and microblading, we can reconstruct the brow line, reconstitute the eyebrow arch, and create the illusion of more hair and volume. As with facial aesthetics, the most beautiful results are achieved in a perfect balance between texture, tone and volume. Eyebrows are no exception.*

What techniques do we employ at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body for eyebrow makeovers?

We achieve our best results using a procedure known as Feather Touch microblading or brow feathering. This uses a specialised instrument to microblade small particles of ink just below the surface of the skin, which creates the illusion of brow volume and can also provide brow shaping. This is a semi-permanent procedure that fades over 18 months. Most patients require a touch up every one to two years.

Cosmetic tattooing can also improve brow shape as well as contours. This technique uses a digital tattooing device to fill the shape within your brow line. Like the Feather Touch technique, cosmetic tattooing can reshape and contour your brows, and provide more volume.*

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