Clear + Brilliant Permea Brisbane

Clear + Brilliant Permea

The Clear + Brilliant Permea takes laser skin resurfacing to new heights. This laser yields outstanding results for skin rejuvenation, helping fight and prevent the tell-tale signs of ageing with minimal to no downtime required.*

At the Fiori Institute, we use two types of Clear + Brilliant, the original 1440 and the top line 1927 (or Permea) wavelength. Permea technology enables our dermal specialists to treat the top layers of the skin, improving wrinkles and pigmentation and also allows for an infusion within the lower layers of the skin with collagen boosters, which improves both skin texture and tone.* Our most effective boosters for collagen and elastin regeneration are vitamin C, copper peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.

What treatment results can I expect from Clear + Brilliant Permea?

While most patients see visible results after just one treatment, we typically recommend a series of 3 to 5 treatments spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. Patients frequently remark about their glowing, younger-looking skin.*

Clinical studies and scientific papers show that Clear + Brilliant Permea delivers:

  • A visibly illuminated skin tone
  • Smoother and more even skin texture
  • Glowing skin with new radiance
  • Improved skin texture, tone and reduction in wrinkles
  • Reduction in the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Reduction in unwanted skin pigmentation

Why is Clear + Brilliant Permea an excellent treatment for melasma or hormonal pigmentation?

Melasma or hormonal pigmentation requires special treatments that are gentle on the skin. Lasers such as the Clear + Brilliant Permea not only address the signs of excess pigmentation but also allow the skin to be more permeable to creams and active infusion ingredients.

We often use this laser to infuse skin boosters, including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and copper peptides. This can help reduce your pigmentation and boost collagen production.*

How long will it take to recover following a Clear + Brilliant Permea laser treatment?

The Clear + Brilliant Permea laser requires little to no downtime. Your skin will be slightly red for a few hours following the procedure; however, you are able to resume normal activities the next day.*

What’s the secret behind the Clear + Brilliant Permea laser?

The secret is in the wavelength. The magical wavelength is known to us as 1927, which is the same wavelength as the Fraxel dual. The Permea, however, uses a special diode laser, which increases skin permeation so that infusion products can be used. This special wavelength is non-ablative, meaning that the outer layers of your skin are not compromised. This is what ensures that this procedure requires no downtime.*

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