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Cooltech: Body Contouring

Cooltech is the newest treatment for unwanted body fat and no-liposuction body contouring. It all began in 2011 with CoolSculpting; the first generation no-liposuction fat removal device to come to Australia. Today, Cooltech is the newest device from the CoolSculpt team. Think of it as the upgraded, newer version of CoolSculpting.

How does Cooltech work?

Cooltech, much like CoolSculpting, works on the basis of cryolipolysis. This means that we use controlled computer-generated software to freeze fat to a temperature of below -11° C for 35 to 50 minutes.*

What happens to the fat after it’s frozen?

After the procedure, we massage the area for five minutes. From that point on your body's immune system takes care of the rest! During the following weeks, inflammation ensures that scavenger cells from your body's immune system come in and remove the broken fat. Once the fat cells are removed, they will not return.*

Procedures such as CoolSculpting and Cooltech are considered permanent for the treated areas.

Cooltech Before & Afters

cooltech before and after
body contouring before and after
body contouring before and after
body contouring before and after
cooltech before and after
body contouring before and after
cooltech before and after
cooltech before and after

Which areas can be treated with Cooltech?

Cooltech, much like CoolSculpting, can sculpt and remove unwanted fat from areas such as:*

Treated Areas

• The abdomen and stomach
• The flanks and ‘muffin top’
• The back
• Under the chin
• The inner and outer thighs
• The pectoral area (also known as pec sculpting)
• The upper back and around the bra strap

And anywhere else an unwanted pocket of fat can fit into our applicators!  

Is Cooltech/ CoolSculpting painful?

No. At most, these treatments can be considered slightly uncomfortable for the first five minutes. The vacuum suction together with a gradual decrease in temperature ensures that comfort levels are maintained. Patients are most likely to feel tingling rather than pain. After the first five-minute period elapses, no sensation is felt at all. You may experience some tingling and numbness in the treated area for a few hours after the procedure.*

When will I see results from the Cooltech/ CoolSculpting procedure?

CoolSculpting and CoolTech work in exactly the same way. Once the fat cells are targeted by the devices and destroyed, your body’s immune system gradually removes the destroyed fat away from the treated area. Results are seen as early as four weeks after the treatment, but maximal results are seen at around 14 weeks. This result period applies to all non-invasive body contouring procedures.*

What downtime or limitations can I expect following a Cooltech/ CoolSculpting treatment?

The exact downtime following a non-surgical fat reduction is completely dependent on the individual. For new patients, we advise that they not exercise for the following 24 to 48 hours; however, in patients who have had this procedure and experienced no downtime, we do not limit any activities. Unlike liposuction (where downtime may be up to three to four weeks), non-invasive body contouring requires virtually zero downtime.*

Is this procedure safe?

The United States and Korea were the first countries to receive cryolipolysis devices for treating unwanted fat. After more than seven years on the market, nearly three million procedures have been performed worldwide. This procedure is considered to be safe. Unwanted side effects are extremely rare and generally only include tingling and prolonged numbness. These side effects occur in less than 1% of cases. Paradoxical hyperplasia of the treated area can occur in 0.0001% of cases.*

Why are both Cooltech and CoolSculpting incorporated into our treatment plans?

This answer can be found in the unique size and shape of the applicators. The more selection available to us in applicator size, the higher the likelihood that we will find the perfect fit for your body.

A good fit with the selected applicator is essential in achieving a good result. Your selected treatment area will be vacuumed into the applicator and held tightly in place for the duration of treatment. In general, Cooltech has a deeper applicator size, and so we find that Cooltech outperforms CoolSculpting for patients that have a significant amount of fat in the flanks. This is our observation based upon more than 2000 treatments conducted since 2011; however, formal studies in this more finely adjusted treatment process are yet to be evaluated.

Is the “Ice Age” of body contouring over now that SculpSure is in the picture?

Absolutely not. We find that Cooltech/CoolSculpting and the use of cold outperforms heat in almost every situation. We do have a SculpSure device and, yes, we do find that this as a good device for debulking patients; however, it is not as reliable as Cooltech/CoolSculpting for contouring and the overall finesse of body sculpting.*

SculpSure can be a good treatment for debulking truncal fat, especially in males, but for contouring and sculpting, nothing beats Cooltech/CoolSculpting. Proven and true!*

Which is better for my body type? CoolSculpting, Cooltech or SculpSure?

At the Fiori Institute, we take the time to assess your body type, expectations, goals, and fit you for the correct application size(s). A perfect applicator fit assures you the best possible results.*

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