Cosmetic Brow Tattooing Brisbane

Cosmetic Brow Tattooing

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body employs Brisbane’s most experienced brow technicians. 

Cosmetic Brow Tattooing

Watch a 1 minute video explaining the Cosmetic Brow Tattooing procedure.

Our brow experts provide both traditional cosmetic brow tattooing and the newest in Feather Touch cosmetic tattoo brow etching to enhance the brow, increase volume and frame the eyes.*

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is a technique that predates the newer Feather Touch technique, but both use the same concept of cosmetic tattooing using various inks to develop the brow line. Both procedures can redraw the brow line at different heights and widths to give symmetry to the face as well as frame the eyes.*

With cosmetic tattooing the difference is that this is undertaken with a digital tattooing device much like a superficial tattoo gun. This differs from the Feather Touch technique where the brows are shaped with oblique micro-blading. We find that this newer technique gives a more natural look, with enhanced brow volume.*

Cosmetic Brow Tattooing Before & Afters

How can cosmetic tattooing provide brow rejuvenation?

Cosmetic tattooing refers to the use of a digital cosmetic tattooing device, which can provide eyebrow definition as well as eyeliner and lip liner. In the context of eye rejuvenation, it provides more well-defined and properly structured. Cosmetic tattooing can reposition brows to sit higher, with a perfectly placed ‘peak’ and ‘tail’.*

Why is it important to have an expert perform my cosmetic brow tattooing procedure? 

Not only do brows need to be drawn in the perfect position, and the correct amount of volume added, but the colour also needs to be taken into consideration. Cosmetic tattoos contain various oxides namely titanium dioxide and iron oxide in various shades of brown and black.

The exact placement of the ink into the dermal layers of the eyebrow skin is vitally important. A superficial placement will result in brows that may not last as long as they should (for certain techniques we expect these to be semipermanent and last 18 months). If pigmentation is placed too deeply in the eyebrows, it can lead to deep dermal tattooing, which can result in a greyish appearance.

The new form of Feather Touch cosmetic brow tattooing has largely replaced traditional cosmetic tattooing. Feather Touch adds volume and provides a more natural looking eyebrow.*

How long does the procedure take to perform?

Brow tattooing typically takes from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity and volume needed to shape your brow. Our brow specialists are absolutely meticulous!*

Is cosmetic brow tattooing painful? 

No, we use the very latest in a specialised numbing cream so treatments are entirely painless.*

How do the cosmetic tattooing and Feather Touch techniques differ?

Both techniques use a hypoallergenic tattoo pigment which is implanted into the skin. Depending on the level of implementation of the pigment, both procedures may last up to 18 months to two years (resulted will vary depending on the client’s exposure to sun, individual factors and resistance to pigment).

Where the procedures differ is in the technique. Cosmetic tattooing uses a digital tattoo, while the very latest in Feather Touch Brow tattooing uses a custom-made metal hand-tool with fine needles to create fine hair strokes.

Both techniques can yield excellent results; however, the Feather Touch’s hair stroke technique provides more natural results. This technique also adds brow volume that is not visible with two-dimensional cosmetic tattooing.*


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