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For the most natural and harmonious results with skin rejuvenation, one should consider only three factors, namely balancing skin texture, tone and volume. These three factors apply universally to all ages and ethnic skin types.

Of course, skin volume can also drastically help improve skin tone.
We address this factor with dermal fillers.

What are dermal fillers?

With Australia’s strict regulations on TGA rules, we are unable to name the specifics of dermal fillers; however, we can outline the science behind them.

Essentially, fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally found in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that has a molecular makeup identical to that of sugar molecules. This gel-like substance is found between the scaffolding of collagen and elastin. Over time, a decrease in the scaffolding and (most importantly) the gel namely hyaluronic acid can be seen in our skin. Dermal fillers are a synthetic variant of hyaluronic acid.

Dermal Fillers Before & Afters

dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
Dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
Dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after
Dermal fillers before and after
dermal fillers before and after

What aspects do dermal fillers address in skin rejuvenation?

Dermal fillers can address key areas of skin ageing*. These include:

Fiori Peels

1. The nasolabial lines

These are the lines that run from the nose to the corners of your mouth. Over time these lines deepen and add to the aged and tired look.

2. Tear troughs

Over time fat loss in this area would account for deep tear troughs and dark circles.

3. Cheek bones

Time takes its toll with fat loss in this area as well as an overall decrease in bone density. Dermal fillers can replace lost fat and bone creating a higher cheek profile.

4. The marionette lines

These lines run from the corners of the mouth downwards. Using fillers in strategic locations can help diminish these lines and decrease the ‘sad and tired look.

5. Chin and jawline contouring

Dermal fillers are excellent for contouring the chin area. For the female chin, this is tapered at the line drawn from your nasal (nose) edge. Having a tapered chin softens the overall features of your face and creates a more triangular look

6. Brow volumisation and eye opening

This is an advanced procedure and is conducted by only the most experienced specialists. Volumising the eye area, as well as the brow, can help open up the eyes. As you age, you will notice that shadows appear around the temple areas. This is due to loss of fat. If you put gentle pressure around the temple area you will notice that you will get an opening of the eyes and an elevation of the brows.

7. Correction of nose lumps and bumps

Once again, this is an advanced technique to remodel the nose and is also known as dermal filler rhinoplasty.

How long do fillers last?

This depends on the type of filler treatment, as well as the location of the treated area. The more fluid a filler is, the more malleable it becomes.

A more fluid filler is advised for treating areas such as under the eyes. In this context, a filler may only last between 12 to 14 months. Lip fillers often also last between 12 to 14 months, while fillers for revolumising the cheek as well as jawline contouring will often last two years or longer.*

Can fillers be combined with other treatments such as antiwrinkle injections?

Absolutely. Remember, it is the balance between texture, tone and volume, which gives you the best and most harmonious result. Certainly, by relaxing muscles that create tension, the addition of fillers can augment facial harmony.

Fillers can also be combined with lasers, however, at the Fiori Institute we follow the Specialist guidelines for fillers and do not perform this procedure on the same day. Some non-specialist clinics will provide treatments all on the same day, however the risk of infection is dramatically increased if skin is breached with laser treatments. Our motto is always ‘safety first.’

Are dermal fillers safe?

As with all medical treatments, there are risks associated with this procedure. The risks are minimised by correct specialist training, top quality brand named dermal fillers, as well as our advanced technique and knowledge of facial anatomy. The risk of infection is extremely low. Blood vessel or intravascular injection risk is less than 0.01% and is reversible in most cases.

What is the expected recovery time following a filler treatment?

Our doctors and specialist injectors will guide you as to the downtime following location-specific dermal filling. With cheek enhancement, there is an extremely small chance of bruising and swelling, but there is typically no downtime. For dermal filler lip volumisation, there will be swelling for at least 7 to 12 days (depending on the technique performed) and bruising is frequently seen.*

What brand of dermal fillers do we use?

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we use various brands depending on area treated. For cheek structure and volume, we often use a filler made by Allergan. This filler is one of the best dermal fillers for the cheeks and can last for 2 years. We also use Allergan fillers for the lips, temples and brows.*

Is dermal filling painful? 

No, in fact dermal filling is much less painful than anti-wrinkle injections. Many of our fillers have lidocaine mixed in with the filler to allow for a more comfortable experience and acts as an anaesthetic prior to the filling process.*

How much do we charge for dermal fillers?

We use the best fillers on the market, but our biggest point of difference is the specialists behind the filler. The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body only engages directors of the highest caliber to perform this procedure. This ensures that patients will achieve natural-looking results* and that the procedure is done in a safe and medically controlled environment. Fillers by doctors and experienced specialist nurses start at $499 per area.

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