Dermal Fillers - For Lips To Love

Dermal Fillers - For Lips To Love

Enhancing thin lips can certainly improve facial aesthetics. If you have upper and lower lip wrinkles, dermal fillers can also reduce running lipstick and help volumise deflated lips; however, the most important aspect of lip filling is achieving the correct proportions of lip structure to give the
most natural results.*

How can dermal fillers help with my lips?

With our specialised techniques, we can rejuvenate ageing lips and volumise the proportion of the upper and lower lip with respect to your specific ideal ratio.*

Our doctors and specialist nurse injectors can highlight key areas of your lips, including the cupid's bow (the two lines that run between your upper lip and your nose) or create and contour your lips for a better and more defined outline. Additionally, we can use fillers to volumise the corners of your lips and subtly fill the area surrounding your lips.*

What do lip filler treatments involve?

The first step in lip filling is to assess your overall skin volume. All specialists agree that lips should not be the focal aspect of the face; eyes should be the focal aspect and lips as a secondary feature.

We take into consideration your overall balance in skin texture, tone and volume and address each of these so that your face is in perfect harmony. Our doctors and specialist nurse injectors will give you a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desired outcome.*

We always encourage a natural lip that you will notice, but nobody else will know!

How is lip filling performed?

We begin by applying a numbing cream to your lips, compounded by our own pharmacist. This can markedly reduce the pain associated with lip filling and takes effect within 10 minutes of application.

Depending on the complexity, lip filling takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes to perform. As no two lips are the same, some patients need only ½ mL for a perfect result while other patients need 2 mL to achieve their
desired outcome.*

What will my lips look like after the procedure?

As the saying goes, ‘you will hate your lips for the first week but love them by the second’. Patients can expect swelling and slight bruising for the first few days. By day seven your lips will start to give you an indication of your true results.*

How much does a lip filling procedure cost?

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we charge only for the amount of filler we use. We encourage our patients to aim under rather than over, as a top up can easily be conducted later.

What happens if I do not like my lip filling end results?

We find that 99% of patients are extremely happy with their end results.  However, a minority of patients will find that their lips are either uncomfortable or out of proportion within the context of their desired outcome.*

When this occurs, we use an enzyme called Hyalase. This enzyme safely dissolves the dermal filler’s hyaluronic acid but preserves your own natural hyaluronic acid. Over a period of one week, your lips will return to their normal state prior to
the filling treatment.

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