Dermal Filling And Eye Rejuvenation Brisbane

Dermal Filling & Eye Rejuvenation

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we believe that facial harmony is the most important aspect of beauty. Achieving the perfect balance between skin texture, tone and volume allows us to deliver the most natural and beautiful results.*

The focus of any rejuvenation should start with the eyes. Using dermal fillers in strategic locations can help open the eyes and rejuvenate this area with next to no downtime.*

What is the eye complex and how can rejuvenation be achieved?

At the Fiori Institute, we define the eye as the area starting from the mid cheek extending to the crow’s feet, as well as the eyelids and eyebrows.  All aspects of the eye should be considered in eye rejuvenation treatments.

How can dermal fillers help rejuvenate eyes?

Filling key areas with volume (such as the outer aspects of the eyes) can reduce wrinkles without the need for anti-wrinkle treatments. Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, which provides a gel-like substance much like collagen and elastin fibres. This plumps up the area and reduces wrinkles, while also adding volume.*

Specialists coined the term ‘light reflex’ for the point just below the cheekbone which can also further enhance eye rejuvenation. As one ages fat is lost in the mid cheek area. Rejuvenation in this particular area using dermal fillers can help reduce eye bags, as well as tear trough areas and dark circles.*

Specialists can perform temporal filling alongside eyebrow filling using specialised techniques, such as cannulas. This method adds volume to eyebrows and lifts the eyelids. Dermal fillers add a new dimension to no-downtime eye rejuvenation.*

Why is cosmetic tattooing so important in the eye rejuvenation process and how does this relate to dermal filling?

As previously mentioned, skin texture, tone and volume are of our utmost concern in eye rejuvenation procedures. Filling only addresses the skin volume but skin tone and texture should also be considered.

Texture around your eye area can be rejuvenated by brow shaping as well as brow tattooing.* At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we are proud to have Kendall and Katie as our expert brow tattoo artists. Their combined experience includes the treatment of thousands of men and women, and they both specialise in the Feather Touch technique of brow rejuvenation and volumisation.

What are the advantages of dermal filling for eye rejuvenation?

Old-fashioned techniques such as fully ablative laser resurfacing are associated with long downtimes ranging from between eight days and three weeks.

Dermal filling is essentially a no-downtime, instant results procedure* – especially compared to laser resurfacing techniques. The only limitation we place is that patients are not to exercise on the day of the procedure or apply makeup for 12 hours following their dermal filling procedure. 

Does dermal filling for eye rejuvenation exclude me from having any other procedures such as lasers for eye rejuvenation?

No. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that lasers break down dermal fillers. In fact, we have found that these treatments complement each other. 

Dermal filling

Fraxel laser resurfacing as well as microneedling using the EndyMed Intensif 3D system can help stimulate collagen production. When in combination with dermal fillers, this treatment program addresses both skin texture, tone and volume, providing the three necessary steps we deem necessary to achieve beautiful facial harmony.*

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