Forehead Lines Treatment Brisbane

Forehead Lines Treatment

Having horizontal forehead lines is considered one of the first visible signs of ageing, as they typically develop in our 20s and accelerate over time. As we age, they become permanently etched into our skin and can have the effect of making someone look tired or even disappointed. Fortunately, there is a way to
diminish your forehead lines.*

What causes forehead lines?

Forehead lines are a natural form of ageing. In your teens, forehead lines are hardly visible; however, they begin to appear in your late 20s. This is due to continual movement of your muscles, known as the frontalis. With continued muscle movement, these forehead lines become exaggerated and over time they are etched into the skin. Forehead lines are more prominent when you raise your eyebrows.

How can forehead lines be treated?

The most commonly used treatment is with anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants. Approximately six to eight injection points are placed in strategic areas of your forehead. Each injection point feels like a small insect bite and the pain is very minimal.*

When will I see a difference with treatment?

Anti-wrinkle injections work over time. You will start to notice a difference within the first two weeks of treatment, but it can take between two to three months to diminish forehead lines.*

How often will I need to repeat treatments to keep my forehead lines away?

This will depend on the strength of your muscles as well as the depth of your forehead lines. In general, most patients have a top-up every four to six months.*

Are there any other methods to treat horizontal forehead lines?

Yes, our specialists can also perform advanced procedures to your forehead area including dermal filling. This is a highly specialised and extremely meticulous method for decreasing forehead lines. The filler of choice is known as an HA filler, which lasts up to two years. The fillers are only used in 5% of cases, as anti-wrinkle injections are the most reliable and safest way to treat these delicate areas.*

Why choose the experts at the Fiori Institute to treat my forehead lines?

The anatomy and muscle action of the forehead lines must be taken into consideration when performing these types of injections. We treat many patients currently living in Brisbane and understand that the high UV index often causes hooding around the outer part of your eyelids. Placing muscle relaxants in this area can drop your eyelid or even your eyebrow. Our team of experts understand the specific needs of our clients and strategically place the perfect treatment solution for optimal results.*

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