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What is Fraxel and why is this the leading brand for fractionated laser resurfacing?

The Fraxel laser is at the forefront of fractionated laser resurfacing devices. This revolutionary laser was invented over a decade ago and continues to remain the gold standard for treating acne scarring, pores, pigmentation, and wrinkles. The Fraxel laser can be tailored to the patient's skin type, as well as desired downtime to deliver consistently outstanding results.*

Fraxel Laser Explained

Watch a 1 minute video explaining the Fraxel Laser procedure.

How does Fraxel laser work?

The Fraxel laser works by delivering a specific wavelength to target various skin conditions. This means that different portions of your skin, known as the density, can be treated specifically to your needs. The higher the density of treatment, the longer the downtime; however, the better result.*

In some cases, such as melasma, we use a gentle version of Fraxel known as the Clear + Brilliant laser. The Fraxel laser can markedly improve skin texture, skin tone, and has the same minimal-to-no downtime expectancy as treatments like IPL ; however, Fraxel works at a deeper level and stimulates collagen, thereby also reducing wrinkles.*

Fraxel Laser Before & Afters

fraxel before and after
Fraxel laser before and after
Fraxel before and after
fraxel laser skin resurfacing before and after
fraxel before and after
Fraxel laser before and after
fraxel before and after

What types of skin conditions can Fraxel treat?

The Fraxel is an extraordinary laser that can treat a variety of different skin conditions, depending on the setting and type of Fraxel.* At the Fiori Institute we have 3 types of Fraxel lasers:

Fraxel 1927

Great for overall skin rejuvenation, open pores, skin pigmentation, sun spots and sun damage, as well as mild wrinkling.*

Fraxel 1550

For acne scars, deep sun damage, and wrinkles. This laser can improve skin tone and skin texture.*

Fraxel Dual

Combining both the 1927 and 1550, Fraxel Dual offers an overall improvement in both skin texture and tone, reducing wrinkles and turning back time.*

Fraxel Clear + Brilliant

Many people don't realize that Clear + Brilliant 1927 is a mini Fraxel with ¼ the power of the Fraxel Dual. This laser is great for gentle skin treatments, including melasma pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation.*

What is the difference between the Fraxel laser and other forms of fractional laser resurfacing?

Unlike other lasers, the optimal parameters of Fraxel laser have been tweaked by dermatologists over the past decade. The Fraxel laser is now a household name with a long history of safely performed procedures and outstanding results.*

Why choose Fraxel laser skin resurfacing over other treatments?

It is the reliability and safety of Fraxel that sets this laser apart from others. Depending on your skin condition, our specialist laser team can tailor a specific regime to help with pigmentation, pores, fine lines, and even acne scarring. Fraxel Clean + Brilliant in the 1927 wavelength is excellent for skin toning and overall pigment reduction. This laser can also treat melasma.*

How many Fraxel laser treatments will I need?

The amount of fractional laser treatments will depend on the type of Fraxel laser that we use and the condition we are treating. In most cases one to two treatments are needed to rejuvenate skin; however, for more difficult cases, such as acne scarring, between four to five treatments are needed.

At the Fiori Institute our staff are trained to diagnose and treat each patient as an individual with personalised treatments tailored to the individual’s needs. Striking a balance between downtime and Fraxel density gives us the best results.*

How long will it take to heal from fractionated laser resurfacing?

Recovery times following a fractionated laser resurfacing range from two to five days, depending on the density and type of Fraxel laser treatment performed. Often, patients feel slightly sunburned and the treated area will appear slightly pinkish during the first day after your procedure. Subsequently, over the next two to four days, some mild peeling can be expected. Your skin will completely recover by day five to six (depending on the power settings).*

Is Fraxel painful?

No. At the Fiori Institute we use specialist-strength local anaesthetic cream approximately one hour prior to the procedure. This cream paired with the Zimmer cooler ensures that Fraxel laser treatments are comfortable for our patients.*

When will you see the results?

Studies suggest that two to five Fraxel treatments are needed for the best results, but ultimately this depends on the settings and skin condition we are treating. The most outstanding results following a fractionated laser resurfacing will be at the four-month mark, as this is when maximal collagen is stimulated.*

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