Hip Contouring & Fat Reduction

Hip Contouring
& Fat Reduction

Contouring the hip area used to present a real challenge. Luckily, our new CoolSculpting applicators (known as the CoolSmooth PRO) combine a unique, comfortable, flat applicator designed ideally for non-pinchable fat such as the outer thighs and hip area.*

Pinchable fat like love handles and muffin top can also be effectively treated with our Cooltech and CoolSculpting device.*

Why is the outer hip area harder to contour than other areas?

With areas like the waist, love handles, muffin top, inner thighs, abdominal area and chin area, we rely on a vacuum seal for the applicator size. As the lower hip area is flat, a special applicator is needed
with no vacuum suction.

Until recently, this area was extremely difficult to treat because a proper vacuum seal could not be achieved. The new CoolSmooth PRO applicator curves around the mid and lower hip area, making treatments possible with both CoolSculpting and Cooltech technology.*

How does the CoolSmooth PRO applicator work to reduce unwanted fat around my hips?

This CoolSmooth PRO is similar to other applicators except that it does not use vacuum suction. Instead, it uses a unique but comfortable flat applicator, which can be moulded to your non-pinchable fat areas (such as the mid-lower hips and outer thighs).

The applicator rests on the hip area and delivers controlled cooling over a period of 60 minutes. During this time, your fat cells are cooled to a subzero temperature. Over the following months, your body's immune system carries away these treated fat cells that are destroyed permanently. Once treated, fat reduction around your hips is permanent.*

How does this treatment compare with EndyMed, Vanquish, Velashape & other heating devices?

We’ve found that the use of cooling devices works a lot better, and much more reliably and effectively in comparison to heating devices that deliver RF or radiofrequency energy. RF energy is good for facial areas, but for deeper and more extensive heating of body areas, cooling of fat provides superior results.*

When will I see results from my hip contouring procedure?

Results are visible as early as four weeks after your treatment date; however, the best results are seen at about four months post-procedure. To date, CoolSculpting provides the most reliable way of contouring hips and eliminating unwanted fat from this area.*

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