Infini RF Microneedling Brisbane

Infini RF Microneedling

Infini RF microneedling is a form of fractional resurfacing that uses gold-plated insulated needles. This form of microneedling is suitable for all skin types and can treat skin conditions ranging from moderate-to-severe acne scars through to skin laxity, pores and also wrinkling. Infini RF remains as the gold standard of microneedling systems and can be used
on all skin colours.

Why is Infini RF the gold standard in microneedling?

Infini RF remains as the worlds best system for microneedling due to its patented insulation as well as controlled energy outputs.  This microneedling system can be infinitely controlled, hence the name.  The amount of energy can be controlled as well as the duration of the energy, coupled with the depth of delivery.  The standout feature, which beats all other microneedling RF systems including Max RF, Intensif and Secret RF, is the fact that unlike these systems, Infini is insulated.  Insulation provides a higher safety profile and faster recovery times but also targeted energy delivery.

Infini RF Before & Afters

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microneedling before and after

Why is insulation the key to the outcomes we have with Infini RF?

Insulation is provided so that only the tip of the needle delivers energy. This means that the upper parts of your skin are spared and the lower parts are targeted. Using a specific delivery system, needles can be delivered to between 0.25 to 3.5 mm into your skin. Unlike other energy systems that scatter energy throughout the entire surface of your skin, Infini provides targeted energy delivery to address your particular concern. For example, with acne scarring, the target is deep down in the dermis and hence the upper parts of the skin are spared. This means you will have a much quicker recovery time, a better outcome and also less chance of skin darkening in ethnic skin types.

Is Infiniti RF microneedling painful?

This treatment is well tolerated. We use a specialist-strength anaesthetic gel to ensure that patient’s comfort levels are maintained. Unlike other cosmetic clinics, we are specialist-supervised clinics and hence use a different formulation of anaesthetic gel. This provides excellent patient comfort levels.

What conditions can Infiniti RF microneedling treat?

Infini RF can treat conditions that are primarily dermal. Dermal conditions means that these lesions lie under your skin surface and not on your skin surface. The most common condition we treat using Infini RF is acne scarring. Acne scars lie deep under your skin surface and hence with it’s patented insulation technology, Infiniti RF is ideal for tethered as well as atrophic acne scars. Infini RF can also help reduce pore size as well as wrinkles, crepey skin, sun damage improving your skin texture and tone.

How long does it take to perform Infini RF microneedling?

Treatment time will depend on the condition. For a small area of acne scarring, treatments often take three to four minutes. However, for general improvement of skin laxity, the treatment may take up to 20 minutes to perform.

How many treatments of Infini microneedling will I need?

In most cases, patients will benefit from a series of treatments ranging from between three to five. This will depend on your skin condition, as well as your expectations. As a guide for the improvement of skin pores, three treatments is required for optimal results. For the treatment of skin laxity and wrinkles, two to three treatments is required. For the treatment of acne scarring, three to five treatments is required, depending on the scar type.

When will I see the results from microneedling?

Microneedling works by stimulating collagen. This depends on your immune system. For healthy individuals collagen and elastin stimulation, as well as scar remodelling, is maximal at two to four months. The best results you will see from Infini RF microneedling will be approximately three months after your last treatment session.

Is Infini RF better than fractional lasers?

At the Fiori Institute we have a variety of energy devices ranging from lasers through to microneedling, as well as radiofrequency devices and ultrasound. All of these play a role in achieving your expectations and outcomes. Lasers are excellent for treating textural skin changes, namely pigmentation and fine wrinkling.  Infini is superior to fractional lasers if one is targeting scarring or deep dermal remodeling. Our highly trained staff at Fiori will tailor a bespoke treatment based upon your skin, downtime and expectations.

Can Infini RF be used on darker skin or ethnic skin?

Yes it can. Unlike other systems whereby there is no insulation, Infini RF is ideal for the treatment of darker skin types. Insulation refers to the fact that only the tip of the needle delivers energy, sparing the upper surface of the skin.  In the vast majority of cases, no post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or skin darkening is seen. 

The exception is treating an ethnic skin type with enlarged pores.  In this setting the treatments need to be shallow, and even with insulation, transient skin darkening is seen in the majority of patients. In this setting, skin darkening will fade within three to four weeks.

How do I know if Infini RF is the right form of microneedling for me?

Book in for a FREE consultation with one of our dermal therapists. Our highly professional staff, who are trained by Dr Davin Lim, Dermatologist, will assess your skin type, skin concerns and downtime and will tailor an appropriate program for your skin. For more on Infini RF, visit us at the Fiori Institute in Chermside.

We will be looking at providing this service in our Garden City clinic mid 2018.

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