Kleresca Acne Treatment Brisbane

Kleresca Acne Treatment

Kleresca is a new treatment for acne that involves the combined use of light and a special biophotonic cream. It is considered a natural treatment, as no tablets are ingested.

This cream is made from a naturally found source called porphyrins. Kleresca is designed for patients who want a quick, safe, effective, and natural treatment.*

What is Kleresca?

Kleresca is a prescribed treatment for papulopustular and mild-to-moderate cystic acne. This treatment works best for zits, pimples and pustules; however, it is not recommended for the management of blackheads and whiteheads.

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Is Kleresca suitable for all acne treatment patients?

Not all patients are suitable for this treatment as the acne may be multifactorial, meaning that hormones, genetics, and other factors, such as food and stress, may plan an important role in your condition.

How does Kleresca work?

Kleresca works by using a special cream that is concentrated in the pilosebaceous unit (oil glands). The cause of pimples is due to bacteria known as P acnes, which resides within the oil glands. Once applied, the biophotonic chemical gel gets absorbed into the oil glands within 15 minutes. The use of a dual light in the blue light spectrum causes what is known as an oxidation process, which destroys the acne-forming bacteria.*

How is Kleresca different from medical management forms of acne?

Certainly, antibiotics prescribed by doctors and Roaccutane prescribed by specialists can treat acne; however, they can also be associated with side effects. Kleresca is an option for patients who would like to pursue a more natural, non-antibiotic method of acne treatment without any long-term side effects.

Kleresca should always be implemented with an acne-free diet. At the Fiori Institute we believe that synergistic natural treatments are in the patient's best interest. We also recommend a diet that is high in zinc and low in sugar and refined foods. Apart from Kleresca, we have many other methods for treating acne.*

How does Kleresca differ from Omnilux blue light treatment for acne?

Omnilux blue light has been a proven treatment for mild acne for nearly two decades. This is known as first generation low-level laser therapy. Essentially, there are three main differences between Omnilux blue and Kleresca. Firstly, Kleresca uses a biophotonic agent, which increases the effectiveness of acne treatments. Secondly, Kleresca uses a much more powerful light than Omnilux blue. It also adds another spectrum of blue light that can help improve mild acne scarring. The third difference is that Kleresca has been medically and scientifically proven as an effective acne treatment with many peer-reviewed papers available worldwide.

What exactly is entailed with the Kleresca treatment program?

Kleresca is a six-week program consisting of 12 treatments. This is the fastest method to date to clear up moderate-to-severe acne. Ideally patients are treated twice per week with at least a one-day break between treatments.

The treatment begins with a cream application to the acne-prone areas. It remains on the skin for several minutes before we use the special Kleresca lamp, which is essentially a dual-blue, low-level emission laser device. This light activates the biophotonic chemical concentrated within the oil gland. This in turn causes oxidation which kills the bacteria and treats pimples, zits, and acne.

The entire process is practically painless. Patients often describe the process of Kleresca treatment as mild sunburn.*

How long will it take before my acne improves?

Improvement can be seen as early as two weeks after your first treatment; however, it often takes between four to six weeks to see optimal results.* Even though the program lasts six weeks, improvements can be seen for a further six weeks after the Kleresca program ends.

Can Kleresca be combined with any other treatments?

Yes. Kleresca can be combined with normal medical treatments, for example, antibiotics and Roaccutane by specialists, as well as anti-acne preparations such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. This is called the Kleresca anti-acne accelerated program, as medical remedies combined with natural treatments can treat acne very quickly!*

Why is Kleresca different from other anti-acne treatment methods?

Kleresca gives patients two advantages over other acne treatments. Firstly, this is the quickest acting acne treatment available on the market. Secondly, if patients would like to avoid taking antibiotics or Roaccutane, Kleresca can be used as a safe and effective standalone treatment.*

What can be done for blackhead and whitehead acne?

Kleresca is not endorsed for the use of treating this form of acne. Blackheads and whitehead acne respond best to chemical peels and a good skin care routine. Our team will guide you towards the best treatments for your acne-prone skin.

Are Kleresca treatments safe?

Kleresca is considered a top-of-the-line treatment and is only available in elite dermatology clinics in Australia. This treatment has been cleared by the European CE, as well as the Australian TGA, and has undergone a rigorous scientifically and medically based safety protocol. Kleresca is safer than the use of either Roaccutane or oral antibiotics for the treatment of acne.*

Is this treatment permanent?

This treatment has only been scientifically proven for periods of up to six months; however, many patients’ acne can be placed into remission with one or two Kleresca cycles. Like many other medical condition, acne can be treated but in some cases recurrence occurs. In fact, even with top-level treatments, such as Roaccutane, only 60% to 70% of those acne cases are cured. Kleresca is not a guaranteed cure for acne; however, it also does not cause any side effects.*

Why is the FiorI Institute one of Brisbane’s leading acne treatment centres?

We know skin. The skin care team at Fiori undergo training and specialist education under the supervision of dermatologists. Our aim is to provide non- medical, antibiotic, and chemical-free acne treatments using effective methods such as skin care, diet guides, Omnilux Blue Light, chemical peels, and Kleresca.

If these treatments fail or you suffer from severe acne scarring, we can fast track you to see a dermatologist for further management. We help demystify the concept of acne and will improve both acne and acne scarring.*

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