Lactic Acid Chemical Peels Brisbane

Lactic Acid Chemical Peels

Lactic acid peels contain a form of alpha hydroxy acid or fruit acid. In fact, lactic acid is one of the oldest chemical peels, the original lactic acid peel being derived from sour goat's milk! Obviously, at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we have refined this long-used skin treatment. Lactic acid is an excellent peel for overall skin rejuvenation.*

What is a lactic acid peel?

A lactic acid peel is much like a glycolic acid peel, namely, it falls under the category of an AHA or lunchtime peel. These chemical peel treatments are over within 10 minutes and your skin does not exfoliate (such as with TCA chemical peels).

How is a lactic acid peel performed?

We begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin, then we perform the chemical peel. The concentration of lactic acid depends on your skin sensitivities and overall expected results. The peel is left on for a period of between 30 seconds to 3 minutes and then a neutralising agent is applied and the peel process is over.*

What conditions can lactic acid chemical peels treat?

Lactic acid peels are excellent for generalised skin rejuvenation, including the treatment of fine wrinkles, ageing, as well as pigmentation. Lactic acid peels can also be used to treat congested skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne and oily skin.*

What can I expect after a lactic acid chemical peel?

Patients can expect their skin to be slightly red and feel slightly sunburned for a few hours after their lactic acid chemical peel. Though the skin is not typically expected to peel, in some patients mild peeling can occur. Makeup can be worn immediately after the chemical peel.*

How many lactic acid chemical peels do I require and how often?

The number of chemical peels we select will ultimately depend on your end goals and expectations, but there is no set limit as to the number of chemical peels that can be applied. Lactic acid chemical peels can be performed as regularly as every two weeks.

As lactic acid is a form of alpha hydroxy acid chemical peel, we always start with a low concentration and work upwards, depending on your skin sensitivities. Increasing the concentration and application time results in better outcomes.*

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