Laser Hair Removal Brisbane Prices

Are you comparing laser hair removal prices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast?

The specialists at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body will offer a no-obligation, FREE laser hair removal consultation. We guarantee that we will match any laser clinic pricing within Westfield and beat it by an additional 10% off.

How does the Fiori Institute offer competitive pricing for laser hair removal while also offering the most advanced laser hair removal systems?

We can offer the most competitive pricing in the market because we are not owned by a franchise – we don’t need to hand over 50% of our profits to head office! This allows us to provide competitive pricing and the most advanced laser hair removal technology to all our patients.

What factors should be considered before undergoing laser hair removal?

You should compare both the expertise, costs and technology involved when considering laser hair removal treatments in Brisbane. We offer some of the quickest laser treatments because we use the Pelo laser. This diode laser has one of the largest spot sizes of up to 50 mm. The larger spot size, integrated linear scanning and patented contact sapphire cooling system allow us to complete treatments in as little as one minute.

We ensure that all your unwanted hair is successfully treated. The Fiori Institute provides the very best results with minimal pain* and a full clearance policy.1

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body promises the following:

  1. No fine-print contracts for membership.
  2. The latest in medical-grade diode lasers using the best technology available.
  3. Minimal pain via our use of the contact Sapphire cooling to 0° Celsius.*
  4. Fully licensed specialist laser operators.
  5. Medical-grade hair removal, with treatments for conditions such as PCOS and hormone-mediated hair growth.
  6. Realistic hair removal expectations*, as well as referrals to endocrinologists and dermatologists for underlying medical conditions.
  7. A full clearance policy1 for outstanding results.*

What is our full clearance policy?

1Full Clearance Policy:

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we take our time when performing laser hair removal treatments. Missed areas are frequently seen when round applicators, such as 22 to 26 mm circular laser delivery systems are used. Unfortunately, these devices are used by most laser clinics in Australia. Our unique system and square applicators ensure that you will have full clearance in your selected treatment areas.*

Note that exfoliation of hair within the first few days and continuing up to 10 days after your treatment is often mistaken for new hair growth. This is entirely normal as the skin reacts by exfoliating the dead hair follicle cells through the skin. If you experience hair growth on the treated area two weeks after laser treatments take place we will retreat the area for free.*

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