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Laser Hair Removal

The Fiori Institute is one of Brisbane's leading hair removal specialist centres with new clinics opening in both the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We use cutting edge lasers known as Clear + Brilliant Pelo for all our laser hair removal procedures. 

Unlike other laser clinics in Australia that use older technology such as the 755 Alex lasers with air cooling, Pelo is the very latest laser device that can be used on all skin types regardless of colour.*

Pelo laser hair removal uses patented Sapphire crystal cooling which makes treatments both comfortable and safe*, incorporating the very latest diode 808 wavelength – the very first for Australia!

How does laser hair removal work?

A decade ago, laser hair removal was performed using intense pulsed light (IPL) machines. Though these were called laser machines, they were actually short pulses of light which offered little in the way of laser energy.

Seven years ago, this was replaced by a 755 Alex and a 1064 nm laser, made by Syneron Candela. This is the most widely used laser machine in Australia, with many franchise clinics offering discounted laser hair removal. The Alex 755 laser is not outdated; however, since its invention 7 years ago, laser hair removal has taken a revolutionary leap forward with Pelo.

Pelo uses a special laser known as a diode laser, which can target dark hair in all skin types. Pelo uses a high-powered energy delivered in short pulses to the selected treatment areas. The laser targets the hair forming cells rather than the hair shaft itself.


Laser Hair Removal Before & Afters

How is Pelo different from other lasers?

The Pelo laser uses Sapphire crystal dynamic cooling and a special computerised system called linear scanning, which delivers laser energy to the hair follicles without causing injury to the surrounding skin. Using the linear scanning offered by the Sapphire crystal contact cooling technology, these treatments are much less painful then using the traditional Zimmer coolers.*

Pelo laser hair removal is also the fastest and most effective in targeting dark hairs in all skin types including Asians and African-American skin. This large 5 cm diameter spot size can be reduced to ½ cm to treat small areas such as the upper lip with laser hair removal spacers.* 

Does this laser work on all skin types?

Yes, the 808 Diode of Pelo Clear + Brilliant enables safe laser hair removal to all skin types, including dark skinned patients. Other laser systems use the 755 Alex laser, which means only fair skin types can be safely treated.*

Is this laser treatment painful?

No. Of all the devices tested, Pelo has one of the lowest pain ratings out of any hair removal laser system. This is due in large part to the patented Sapphire crystal cooling system.

Most laser clinics in Australia use traditional cold air to reduce the pain of hair removal, but Pelo is equipped with a powerful contact cooling device that can be cooled down to 0° C. This minimises pain on contact, which means that there is no need for numbing creams, cold air, or cold sprays. The special sequential scanner also delivers laser energy to target hair follicles, sparing the surrounding skin.*

Does this laser work on all skin types?

Yes, the 808 Diode of Pelo Clear + Brilliant enables safe laser hair removal to all skin types, including dark skinned patients. Other laser systems use the 755 Alex laser, which means only fair skin types can be safely treated.*

How long does this laser hair removal treatment take?

With up to 5 cm linear spots sizing, Pelo provides one of the largest surface areas in the hair removal arena. Laser hair removal takes between 30 second to 30 minutes, depending on the areas treated.*

As a guideline:

Step 1.

Underarm treatments require 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 2.

Face treatments require 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Step 3.

Full legs require 35 minutes.

Step 4.

Back treatments require 10 minutes.

What will the treated area look like immediately after a Pelo laser hair removal treatment?

With Sapphire contact cooling, treatments are gentle and specifically designed to minimize side effects associated with laser treatments. You may experience mild redness, especially around a hair follicle area which may be bumpy, but this is completely normal and usually resolves itself within a few hours.

Over the next few days your hair follicle may shed, which is part of the hair removal process. Gentle exfoliation can help quicken this process of hair bulb extrusion.*

Why do I need multiple sessions for laser hair removal? 

Hair growth occurs in cycles whereby there is a growth phase and a resting phase. Hair is usually in the growth phase – this is the only in which laser hair removal works. Dormant hair cells are not targeted and hence when they reawaken in five to six weeks' time, laser hair removal will need to be repeated.

For each area of the body, hairs abide by growth and rest cycles that range from one to three months.*

As a guideline:

Step 1.

Face, underarms and bikini area require four to six weeks between treatments.

Step 2.

Body hair requires seven to eight weeks between treatments.  

Step 3.

Arms and legs require eight to ten weeks between treatments. 

Don’t worry – our laser hair removal specialists will guide you as to the best intervals for visits!*

How many treatments will I need for permanent hair removal?

Our specialists recommend four to seven treatments, depending on the areas treated. Hormonally-driven hair growth such as PCOS, hirsutism, and androgenic male hair growth (especially on the back) may require more treatments compared to facial hair. In some cases, our Pelo system can permanently reduce hair growth by 80% in just 2 sessions!*

 * Exception rather than the rule

What is the cost of laser hair removal in Brisbane?

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body not only performs the most advanced laser hair removal but also the most cost effective. As our clinics are not franchise clinics, we do not have to pass on a franchise fee to larger corporations. The price of our laser hair removal treatments will vary according to our competitors’ pricing. Yes, we can be that competitive as our promise is to pass the franchise fee savings on to our valued customers.
Our price point guarantees that we will be 10% cheaper than any laser clinics within Australia or in any Westfield shopping centre.

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