Laser Hair Removal FAQ

What is
laser hair removal &
how does this
differ from IPL?

Laser hair removal is the gold standard for permanently removing unwanted hair and markedly differs from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.*

With IPL treatments hair reduction is most often wispy and incomplete with frequent areas of hair regrowth; however, this is not seen with proper laser hair removal treatments.* Laser energy provides a more powerful, more specific delivery system that uses one wavelength compared to filtered light. Newer systems delivering Diode 808 and 810 are the very latest systems in Australia.

What is the best laser for hair removal?

Currently, the laser of choice is the diode hair removal system using an 808 to 810 wavelength. The old-fashioned 755 Alex laser can certainly be effective in treating lighter skin types with dark hairs; however, the newer diode laser can also safely treat dark skin types. The diode wavelengths also provide a greater rate of clearance compared to the older generation devices (including IPL treatments).*

What areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Almost any area with hair can be treated.* Our most frequently requested treatment areas are on the face and include the chin, beard area for men, upper lips and sideburns. Due to limitations in spot sizing, we cannot treat hair in the ears nor nasal hair.

On the body, we treat truncal hair, including unwanted hair on the back, abdomen and chest area. The arms and legs can also be treated with laser hair removal.*

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need for removal?

Though this ultimately depends upon gender and hormonal factors, most patients require between four to seven treatments at intervals between 6 to 10 weeks apart.

PCOS patients – namely hormonally-driven hair growth – will require ‘top up treatments’ yearly.*

Why do I come in at six- to eight-week intervals rather than every four weeks?

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we understand the physiology of the hair cycle. Each part of your body will have a different anagen/catagen/telogen phase. Depending on the area treated, we recommend treatements spaced at six- to eight-week intervals because this makes the best use of the hair cycle and targets the hair more effectively for less overall treatments.*

Why is the Pelo laser one of the most comfortable laser hair removal systems?

The Pelo laser provides one of the most comfortable laser hair removal experiences because it has an integrated cooling system which uses Sapphire crystal technology. The skin is cooled to 0° C, which makes laser hair removal not only tolerable but almost painless.

Though old-fashioned Zimmer coolers are currently in use in laser clinics throughout Australia, our system provides quicker treatments and far greater cooling and comfort.*

How long does hair removal take?

The treatment time will ultimately depend on the area treated. The Pelo diode laser has one of the largest spot sizes, measuring 5 cm in diameter. This ensures that treatments are quick, effective and comfortable. The bigger the spot size the faster the treatment.

Treatments can take as little as 30 seconds for the hair removal of the upper lip or armpit, but larger areas such as a full back treatment may require between 35 to 40 minutes.*

How much does laser hair removal cost?

At the Fiori Institute we have a “best price” policy. As we are not a franchise-owned clinic, we will beat any other competitor’s price and conditions by 10%. This guarantee is valid for any Westfield laser hair removal provider.

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