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Laser Tattoo Removal

Why is the Fiori Institute laser tattoo removal procedure the gold standard in removing unwanted ink?

Using the very latest in laser technology, unwanted tattoos can be partially or completely removed for good! Laser technology provides safe and effective methods of removing ink of all colours, including black, red, green, blue, orange, and even metallics.*

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by selectively targeting pigment (ink) which is underneath the skin. We can selectively target the colour of your tattoo ink using our Pastelle system.

The correct wavelength of laser shatters the coloured ink into smaller particles, which is then carried away by your body's own immune system. Over a period of weeks to months, the tattoo will gradually fade. The number of treatments will depend on many factors, including the density of your ink, ink colour, and your immune system.*

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What technology does the Fiori Institute use for laser tattoo removal in Brisbane?

At the Fiori Institute, we primarily use the Pastelle laser. The Pastelle laser is one of the newer generation laser devices that uses unfiltered laser light to treat different colours of ink. While we have trialled many lasers including the C6 (a good laser, but outdated) and even the new RevLite SI, we prefer the Pastelle for most procedures. *

What makes the Fiori Institute the leading clinic for tattoo removal in Brisbane?

At the Fiori Institute, all our staff are trained by world-renowned laser dermatologist, Dr. Davin Lim. He has been involved in the international treatment of tattoos, including both clinical research and presentations. He is experienced in the use of all forms of Q-switched lasers, including the Pastelle laser, the C6 laser, the Ruby laser, as well as RevLite.

How are the staff at the Fiori Institute trained for tattoo removals?

At the Fiori Institute, we approach laser tattoo removal as medical and not as cosmetic procedure. All our staff undergo extensive training under the guidance of Dr. Davin Lim. We complete an extensive medical history check prior to laser tattoo removal and will give you realistic expectations in regards to the process of removing your unwanted ink. Our specialists will guide you as to the approximate number of treatments required to remove your tattoo.*

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Yes, but we do have a variety of different methods to lessen your discomfort.

The most effective way is the use of the Zimmer Cooler, which protects your skin and distracts the heat of the laser. *

How much does it cost for laser tattoo removal?

Prices range according to the complexity of the tattoo. Costs start at as little as $49 ranging to several hundred dollars for full sleeve tattoos.

Our tattoo removal experts treat tattoo removals as a medical procedure. We factor variables such as ink colour, location of your tattoo, size, density of ink and layering to accurately price your tattoo removal and keep the cost as competitive as possible. Please note that the Fiori Institute will beat any competitive price by 10% if they are using a laser approved by Queensland Health.


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