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Omnilux is a gentle form of low-level laser phototherapy. This is a special technique designed specifically to treat acne, pimples, and stimulate and repair collagen.*

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body uses clinical grade, low-level laser admission devices for the best results possible.* We have replaced the original Omnilux Blue with an upgraded dual blue wavelength low-level laser emission system.

What is Omnilux light therapy?

Omnilux is a famous brand that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in specific wavelengths to treat various skin conditions, including acne, pimples, and zits, as well as promoting accelerated wound healing and collagen repair.

The original Omnilux is nearly two decades old and has been replaced by newer devices. With our third-generation low-level admission laser devices, we can now deliver twice the energy using two different wavelengths in the blue spectrum. This results in a faster overall improvement of acne.*

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How does Omnilux phototherapy work?

Omnilux phototherapy works by delivering specific wavelengths in the high-energy setting, which is also known as a medical grade phototherapy. Phototherapy uses different colours of the light spectrum to activate chemicals which cause skin to repair via collagen production. Phototherapy can also deliver a specific bacteria-killing wavelength that helps prevent acne from forming.

This is a natural form of treating acne, without the need for antibiotics or drugs such as Roaccutane. For accelerated results, we can also add a naturally sourced chemical called Kleresa. Blue light also reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen repair, thereby reducing the formation of acne scars. *

Why have we replaced Omnilux with Dual Blue wavelength systems?

Like any other laser, energy device, or computerised system, updates are required! Omnilux is two decades old, so we feel that even though it is effective, newer LED systems are better.

We have replaced the single wavelength Omnilux with a Dual Blue light system. This provides higher energy therapy in a shorter period of time. With long wave blue light, this further improves the bacteria killing function of LEDs and repairs collagen. This results in less acne as well as scar remodelling and revision.*


Is Omnilux treatment painful?

No. Unlike laser treatment, Omnilux phototherapy and Dual wavelengths blue light phototherapy use gentle LEDs throughout the treatment. In fact, patients describe treatments as relaxing!*

How much are skin rejuvenation and acne treatments with LED phototherapy?

Treatments start at just $55 per session1 for LED Dual Blue.

1Skin package pricing.

Is Omnilux phototherapy safe?

Omnilux phototherapy and Dual blue light phototherapy are exceptionally safe. In fact, it is so safe that specialist dermatologist advocate this as the treatment of choice for acne in pregnant patients.*

Unlike laser treatment or chemical peels, Omnilux blue or Dual blue light treatment will not damage the upper layers of skin. It spares the skin and only causes molecular changes underneath. LED phototherapy has been used for over two decades, therefore presenting dermal teams and patients with a long and trusted safety record.*

In darker skin patients, tanning or bronzing of the skin is seen in 20% of cases. This tanning is temporary and fades over 3-4 weeks.

How long does Omnilux/Dual blue phototherapy take to perform?

Depending on the severity of your skin condition, phototherapy takes between 9 to 20 minutes to perform. For patients with extremely severe acne, we often use two wavelengths over a period of 11 to 15 minutes. Patients undertaking added Biophotonic Kleresa treatments will require an additional 15 minute per session for application of a light sensitive cream. Kleresca is only advisable for patients with moderate cystic acne.*

How do we incorporate blue light phototherapy for our patients at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body?

We often incorporate blue light treatments with many of our other acne treatments, including skin care products, as well as chemical peels and Kleresca. We also use LEDs to accelerate wound healing from our Fraxel laser treatments and Clear + Brilliant laser. Following skin microneedling with our EndyMed Intensif system with a phototherapy treatment can also accelerate wound healing and decrease a patient’s overall recovery time.*

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