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One our most commonly requested and performed procedures at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body is shrinking enlarged pores. With our wide selection of lasers, chemical peels and energy devices, we are one of Brisbane's leading experts in pore size reduction treatments.

What causes enlarged pores?

The causes of enlarged pores are often due to hereditary genetic factors. For example, it is well known that certain ethnic skin types, such as Asian and darker skin types, have enlarged pores. These patients have a hereditary lineage of being raised in an environment where humidity is high and the skin needs to breathe, hence pores are more prominent.  In Caucasian patients enlarged pores are most commonly due to genes and/or loss of collagen.

Enlarged pores can also be caused by the reduction of collagen and elastin. As one ages, the pore support structure decreases and so they appear larger over time.

What is the best treatment for enlarged pores?

This will depend on your ethnic skin type, your age and the size of your pores. 

What can be done for large isolated skin pores?

Enlarged deep and wide skin pores can be caused by acne or chickenpox. In this situation, treatment is beyond the skill level of our dermal therapists at Fiori. If we deem this to be the case, we will refer you to a dermatological surgeon for ice pick scar treatment.

What can be done for the treatment of generalised enlarged pores?

Fractionated laser resurfacing provides a very reliable and low-risk method of reducing skin pore sizing. Pores can be divided into large, medium and small pores. If skin pores are generally enlarged, we typically use either the Clear + Brilliant system or the Fraxel laser.  In older patients with larger skin pores, we often combine the Fraxel 1550 with 1927, in what is known as the Fraxel Dual mode.

Can microneedling help with your skin pore sizing?

Yes, microneedling using our EndyMed Intensif can help with skin pore sizing; however, we do find that a fractionated laser resurfacing provides a better reduction in the overall size of skin pores. Certainly, if your heart is set on microneedling then we can discuss this treatment with you.

At the Fiori Institute, we will always provide the best treatments for your concerns and guide you accordingly.*

Can chemical peels help with skin pore sizing?

Yes. In some patients, the use of chemical peels can be beneficial.  We have found that glycolic acid chemical peels work best for patients with medium-sized pores. Glycolic acid chemical peels work via stimulation of collagen over time. This provides extra scaffolding and support for the pores, which in turn reduces pore sizing.

With this course of treatment, a series of five to seven peels spaced between two to four weeks apart are needed.*

Can creams and skin care help reduce the skin pore sizing?

No, creams alone cannot reduce pore sizing but should be used after pore reduction treatments to maintain results. We prefer products that contain antioxidants, vitamin A, and oil-decreasing ingredients, but the strength and concentration of your products will depend on many factors, including your skin sensitivities and the other types of products that you are using.

Your dermal specialist will guide you as to the best product for your skin type.*

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