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SculpSure: Body Contouring

SculpSure is the newest non-invasive treatment that can permanently eliminate unlimited fat cells from the abdomen, love handles, thighs, back rolls, and even the arms.*

For clients who want to avoid liposuction surgery, non-invasive lipolysis using SculpSure's heating technology is an effective way to reduce and tone specific areas of the body. With SculpSure patients can have thinner waistlines, slimmer hips, and a flatter abdomen.*

Does SculpSure really work?

The answer to this question is more complex than it seems. Certainly SculpSure does work and reduces treatment times by up to 35 minutes. A SculpSure treatment only takes 25 minutes and uses heat to break down fat. In our practice, we have performed over 3700 SculpSure and CoolSculpting treatments (combined), and we do find that CoolSculpting and Cooltech deliver better contouring.*

The ideal SculpSure candidate is someone in their late 20s to 50s with truncal adiposity. This means that they will have at least three or four inches of pinchable fat that cannot be shifted with sensible diet and exercise. 

SculpSure is not suited for body contouring. CoolSculpting and Cooltech can provide far more effective treatments with state of the art contouring, almost to the point of etching.*

SculpSure Before & Afters

Sculpsure before and after
sculpture before and after
Sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
Sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
sculpsure before and after
sculpture before and after
sculpture before and after
sculpture before and after

What is the science behind SculpSure treatments for unwanted fat?

SculpSure treatments use diode lasers to heat the skin up gradually to between 42° C and 47° C. The laser wavelength is 1060, which has a specific affinity for fat tissue but can also spare the upper pigmented skin. This laser safely targets stubborn fat areas without penetrating below this level.*

In just 25 minutes your fat has been treated and over the next few months will be removed by your own immune system. The best results from SculpSure are seen between three to four months post treatment.*

Are SculpSure treatments painful?

It can be, though for most patients it is a well-tolerated treatment. To put it in perspective, the post-operative pain after liposuction is generally far worse!

SculpSure uses special sapphire cooling devices which are placed on the packs. This cools the upper skin while the laser delivers heat to the lower skin. At the Fiori Institute, we use laughing gas or green whistle to help reduce pain when needed. 

Does SculpSure work on all skin types and colours?

Yes. The long pulse wavelength of the laser is specifically designed for safe and effective application on all skin types and colours.*

What is the exact process of having SculpSure treatment?

Our expert staff at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body take pride in assessing patients as individual patients. We begin by assessing factors such as your eating habits, your general health, your BMI, as well as the amount of your pinchable fat.

Additionally, we also ask for your expectations to ensure that they match with ours.

Realistically, with one treatment of SculpSure at the high intensity level, a male can expect to decrease his waistline from 36 inches down to 34.5 inches. This can be achieved by using the maximum number of applicators from the flanks through to the abdomen. A second session (performed six to eight weeks later) can further reduce the waistline by another inch.*
Any remaining subcutaneous fat can be contoured using non-surgical methods such as CoolSculpting or Cooltech. We find that combining these devices within a treatment plan gives the best results.*

How long will it take before I see the effects of my SculpSure treatment?

In most patients, the effects can be seen within the first few days. This is slightly deceiving, as it is your collagen contracting and not the fat cells degenerating. Once this initial phase passes, your fat cells will begin to dehydrate and destruct. Your body's immune system will remove these fat cells into the lymphatic systems where they are excreted out and destroyed permanently. This process will take up to three to four months for maximal results to be seen.*

How many SculpSure treatments will I need?

A single SculpSure treatment removes approximately 25% of the fat cells in the treated area. Depending on your goals and expectations, some patients go for two or even three treatments subject to the amount of fat in the area and the degree of fat reduction they desire.*

What is the most common reason for wanting SculpSure? 

We ask all our SculpSure patients this question, and in most cases the reason is that they have a stubborn area of fat that cannot be removed no matter how strict their implemented diet and exercise regimen. Treatments such as CoolSculpting, Cooltech and SculpSure have proven to reduce fat in these areas.*

How long is patient recovery time for SculpSure?

This is where SculpSure wins out over CoolSculpting and Cooltech. There is absolutely zero downtime following SculpSure treatments — you can continue your daily activities as normal and even go to the gym!*

The same cannot be said for patients who undergo CoolSculpting treatments. For CoolSculpting and Cooltech, it is common to have patients who will have several days downtime with tingling and tenderness in the treated area.*

What is the biggest difference between SculpSure and CoolSculpting? 

We do believe that the use of SculpSure for non-surgical fat reduction is only suitable for patients who have significant pinchable fat around the abdominal area. We do not believe that this treatment can contour and shape as well as the cooling devices, such as CoolSculpting and Cooltech. on the other hand do take longer to perform.*

Which method and device offer the best treatment?

There are pros and cons to all treatments. What matters most is choosing the correct device for your body type, lifestyle, and expectations. This may mean either one particular treatment or a combination of treatments.*

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