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Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation can be caused by genetics, hormones, or UV damage, but most often patients experience a combination of all three. As many residents already know, Brisbane's high UV index can cause extreme sun damage and skin pigmentation.

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we will find a solution perfectly tailored to your skin type and pigmentation, as well as reduce the need for makeup to cover spots and dots. Our specialist team formulates treatment plans for our patients which consists of creams, lasers, and chemical peels to reduce skin discolouration and refresh your skin texture to reveal more youthful looking skin.*

What causes skin pigmentation?

In Brisbane, many skin pigmentation cases are contributed to harmful UV rays. Skin pigmentation can also be caused by medical conditions such as hormones, melasma, pregnancy, medications, and even using the incorrect skin products. Identifying the cause of skin pigmentation is the very first step in our treatment plans.

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Why is having good skin texture important?

Age warts, sun spots, liver spots, freckles, and brown marks are all forms of excessive facial pigmentation related to both age and sun exposure. Scientific studies have shown that brown spots in skin pigmentation are the number one contributing factor to older-looking skin, even more so than wrinkles!

Reducing pigmentation is the single most dramatic rejuvenating procedure available.*

How does the Fiori Institute reduce and remove freckles, sun spots, and skin pigmentation?

Our treatments are tailored to identify the cause of pigmentation first, then find the correct skin care regime for your skin type to reveal healthy looking skin.

Once the cause of pigmentation is identified, we then proceed to repair and rejuvenate facial skin to improve the signs of sun damage, ageing, and pigmentation. Depending on the type of skin pigmentation, we incorporate chemical peels, lasers such as Fraxel or Clear + Brilliant and, in some cases, dermal toning to provide you with effective results:*


Chemical Peels
Clear + Brilliant

What do I do to look after my skin after treatment is completed?

Our dermal specialists will formulate a plan to help prevent pigmentation from reappearing. The use of a good sunscreen together with basic skin care, including the use of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as antioxidants, forms the basis of our long-term skin rejuvenation plans.

What is the best treatment for freckles?

We find that the dermal toning laser or the Fraxel laser provide the best results for freckles. Expect these to visibly improve by up to 80% with a series of Fraxel laser treatments.*

We also use a gentler Fraxel laser called the Clear + Brilliant laser. This laser has less downtime compared to Fraxel treatments.

Can chemical peels reduce pigmentation?

Yes, chemical peels such as TCA or glycolic acid/AHA chemical peels can markedly reduce skin pigmentation, especially if the cause is hormonal. We will guide you as to the frequency and strength of chemical peeling to achieve your desired outcomes.*

What is melasma and why is this a special form of skin pigmentation?

Melasma is a very common form of skin pigmentation occurring in over 10% of women over the age of 25. It presents as subtle pigmentation along the eyes, upper lip, and forehead. Melasma is due to hormones and UV radiation, as well as genetics. Melasma is also known as the mask of pregnancy and can occur during pregnancy or just after. This condition is more commonly seen in ethnic skin types, including Asian, Indian, and African-American patients.

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, our specialists have developed a program that can be extremely successful in reducing pigmentation caused by melasma. As a guide, IPL should never be used for melasma. IPL often agitates melasma, so we use a very gentle laser (either dermal toning or the Clear + Brilliant laser).

What makes the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body one of Brisbane's leading skin pigmentation centres?

The reason that we are so successful in treating skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation is that we are trained by dermatologists. This intensive training provides us with the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively treat all forms of skin pigmentation.*

The Fiori Institute is also equipped with the very best in laser technology. We not only identify the type of pigmentation but we will tailor a program to your skin type and other personal factors. Diagnosing, treating, and prevention is our gold standard in treating skin pigmentation — no matter the cause.

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