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Skin Tightening

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we use various energy devices to tighten loose, saggy, and aged skin. Brisbane's high UV index predisposes skin to premature wrinkling, as well as laxity, so we use a variety of laser, RF, and clinical grade ultrasound devices to rejuvenate skin and restore a more youthful appearance.*

Can skin really be tightened without surgery?

Yes, in most cases we can achieve a good level of non-surgical skin tightening. At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we can treat mild-to-moderate skin laxity. We use a variety of devices depending on the cause of skin loosening, the location of skin laxity and wrinkling, as well as your skin type and colour.*

The exception to the rule is if the skin is extremely loose due to extensive sun damage. With this kind of saggy and loose skin, the treatment of choice is with a CO2 laser or mini-face lift. These are performed with a procedural specialist.

What areas can be tightened and toned?

Skin tightening can be achieved on almost any area of the body. The most predictable areas include the face and neck areas. The tummy or abdominal skin can also be tightened using radiofrequency devices such as Thermage and the EndyMed PRO Shaper. Mild skin laxity on the arms and knees can be tightened using both radiofrequency and high-intensity focus ultrasound.*

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How much skin tightening can I expect?

As a general guide, we can achieve up to 5 mm to 10 mm of skin lifting and tightening on key facial areas using non-surgical methods such as Thermage or Ultherapy. We are extremely selective as to whom we treat, as non-surgical treatments are only appropriate for mild-to-moderate skin laxity.*

What is the Fiori Institute’s preferred method for tightening loose skin and wrinkles on the face?

Our go-to energy devices include Ultherapy and Thermage. Ultherapy works through a high-intensity focus ultrasound (also known as HIFU). This device creates controlled heating of the deeper layers of your skin, which stimulates collagen. Thermage also works by using controlled radiofrequency energy to stimulate elastin as well as contract collagen. Unlike laser therapy, the use of Ultherapy or Thermage requires no downtime. We do not treat the outer layers of the skin, but instead target the mid-layer of the skin. By reawakening your collagen cells, this contracts the fibres and provides a non-surgical facelift. In suitable patients, this can also be applied along the neck area to create a neck lift.*



Ultherapy works through a high-intensity focus ultrasound (also known as HIFU). This device creates controlled heating of the deeper layers of your skin, which stimulates collagen.


Thermage also works by using controlled radiofrequency energy to stimulate elastin as well as contract collagen.

How will I know which is the best treatment for my non-surgical skin tightening treatment?

We have numerous devices to provide skin tightening treatments, including Ultherapy, Thermage, EndyMed 3DEEP RF, as well as other laser devices. Our specialist team will assemble the best treatment plan for your expected results, skin type, and skin colour.*

Why does my ethnic skin type influence my skin tightening treatment options?

It is scientifically shown that different ethnic skin types respond best to differing treatment plans. For example, patients of Asian heritage have a thicker dermal layer. They also produce more collagen but also contract more collagen after a series of stimulants, which include heat. In this ethnic skin population, we like the use of Thermage for non-surgical skin tightening.

Alternatively, if you have fair skin with good but loose collagen, then Ultherapy may be the best treatment of choice for you.*

Who is not a good candidate for non-surgical skin tightening?

Patients who have sun damaged skin are poor candidates for non-surgical skin tightening. In this circumstance, laser and surgical face-lifts yield the best results. Additionally, patients with little facial fat are also not suitable for Ultherapy or Thermage treatments.

Can skin tightening be achieved with chemical peels?

Yes, though these peels, known as deep chemical peelsare outdated. Using chemical peels is appropriate to treat conditions which lie on the surface of the skin; however, they provide very little in the way of collagen stimulation. Chemical peels do provide excellent treatment for conditions such as acne and melasma.*

What is the recovery rate following skin tightening procedures?

Unlike laser treatment, skin tightening treatments that use devices such as Ultherapy and Thermage, as well as EndyMed 3DEEP Pro RF, do not require any downtime.*

Is skin tightening painful?

Yes, though we have found ways to reduce pain and make our patients comfortable.*

How long does each procedure take?

This depends on the device. Generally speaking, Thermage takes approximately 60 minutes. For Ultherapy, treatment time ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. Similar treatment times can be expected with the EndyMed PRO Shaper RF system.*

What lasers do we use to tighten the skin?

If you have mild skin laxity then the Fraxel Dual laser can help with wrinkles and fine lines. This can provide a slight lift; however, devices like Thermage and Ultherapy yield more predictable results.* Laser treatments are designed to treat conditions that lie on the skin surface, while our other devices are designed to stimulate collagen which lies below your skin.

How much do skin tightening treatments cost?

We approach skin tightening in a personalised manner, so each patient receives an individual assessment for their expectations and a better understanding of the areas being treated. Treatment pricing varies, though it generally starts at $1490.

Who assesses what procedure is best for tightening my skin?

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body specialists are trained by laser and procedural dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons. One of our trained dermal specialists will assess your skin quality and level of sun damage for the best treatment options and realistic expectations. If your skin tightening is not achievable through non-surgical options then we will refer you to our team of doctors for further assessments.*

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