Stretch Marks Treatment Brisbane

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are due to over stretching of the lower layers of the skin, known as the dermis.  With rapid weight gain or weight loss and a cosmetic condition such as breast implants, stretch marks are extremely common.  They can also occur during growth spurts during puberty.

Why do some people get stretch marks and other do not?

It depends on genetics.  Due to extreme stretching of the skin, the scaffolding of the lower surfaces of the skin break.  Collagen and elastin are basically ruptured during extensive stretching of the skin.  This is why early stretch marks are red.  The collagen and elastin are lacking and hence, one can see through to the blood vessels.  Old stretch marks are characterised by white, silvery and papery stretch marks.

How can stretch marks be treated?

There is no one specific treatment for stretch marks.  Realistically, they can improve by between 30% to 60% with various treatments.*  Stretch marks can be divided into old stretch marks or new stretch marks.

How can new stretch marks be treated?

New stretch marks are early stretch marks, which are red in colour.  We use our Clear and Brilliant 1440 for these stretch marks.  The redness will improve over the months, most patients require four to five sessions for improvement.*

Stretch Mark Before & Afters

stretch mark before and after
stretch mark treatment before and after
Stretch mark treatment before and after
stretch mark treatment before and after
stretch mark before and after

How can old stretch marks be treated?

At the Fiori Institute we use either energy-based RF microneedling with our Intensif system or our Fraxel 1550 laser.  Once again, four to five treatments are needed for optimal results. Even with the best lasers and the newest techniques, old stretch marks improve by at most 50%.*

How much does it cost to treat stretch marks?

The treatment will depend on the type of laser or microneedling systems we use and the areas treated.  Book in for a free consultation in regard to treatment options.  As a rough guide treatments start from around $399 per session.

Is stretch mark treatment claimable by Medicare even if I see a specialist?

No.  The treatment of stretch marks is considered entirely cosmetic, they are not covered by Medicare nor private insurance, even if you see a specialist dermatologist.

Why are we Brisbane's leading experts in regard to stretch marks treatment?

The team at the Fiori Institute are all tutored by skin care specialists, namely dermatologists.  We employ the best lasers and the newest techniques to deliver the best possible results.  At the Fiori Institute, we are a clinical and medical based institution and not a cosmetic clinic.  We give patients real expectations in regard to stretch marks treatments with realistic outcomes.*

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