The Fiori Laser Hair Removal Policy

The Fiori Laser Hair Removal Policy

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we offer the full clearance policy, which should be the gold standard for all laser hair removal clinics! Laser hair removal should be done properly or not done at all.

It is our vision that laser hair removal should not only be effective but should also cover the exact treatment area for which you have paid. For us, this means that if you experience hair growth in the treatment area within the fourteen days following your laser hair removal treatment, we will offer you a retreatment of that site at no additional cost.*

Missed Treatment Area vs Post Laser Hair Removal Process

Please note that hair shedding takes approximately 7-10 days to occur after each treatment; however, this depends on the individual. In some cases, hair shedding may take up to two weeks, though some patients confuse this with extra hair growth.*

Laser hair removal delivers controlled heating to the area known as the hair bulge, but not to the hair itself. The hair bulge is where hair-producing stem cells lie deep within the skin. Energy is absorbed by these stem cells and then exfoliated through the upper layers of the skin over time.

Patients will experience redness around the hair follicle immediately after laser hair removal, which is then followed by a quiescent period of several days. After 5-14 days, the skin in the treated area undergoes a transformation. This is when the treated stem cells are extruded. This exfoliation can be sped up with a very gentle scrub.*

This cycle is part of the normal treatment process of laser hair removal. If, for any reason, you should have hair growth within your treatment area, rest assured we will treat these segments at no additional charge. This is our laser hair removal policy—we do not miss areas as our lasers do not deliver treatments in circular areas, but squares and rectangles.

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we are Queensland's first clinic to receive the 808 diode hair removal system by Clear + Brilliant. This system is cited as the next generation of laser devices in many scientific papers, making the 755 Alex laser obsolete (though it is still currently in use in many laser clinics in Australia).

Not only do we offer a full clearance policy, the Fiori Institute also offers a price match guarantee to be 10% less than any other clinics within Westfield Shopping Centres in Australia. No exceptions!

Our Price Match and Leading Technology Promise

The Fiori Institute is owned by directors and not as a franchise, which means that we do not have any franchise fees to pay. This allows us to remain competitive with the other major players and use the best technology to deliver outstanding results. The Fiori Institute directors are dermatologists, so we always receive the best lasers, creams, and injectables from the United States well before any other clinics in Australia.

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