Thermage Skin Tightening Brisbane

Thermage Skin Tightening

Thermage is a well-known and trusted brand for skin tightening and face lifting around the eyes, cheeks and neck area. It can also treat loose skin around the abdominal belly area and rejuvenate old collagen, tighten skin, and provide a fantastic non-surgical solution.*

What is the Thermage facelift? 

The Thermage facelift uses total tip technology with bipolar radiofrequency (RF). This treatment provides gentle controlled heating via radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency is a very safe, but effective way of contracting collagen as well as stimulating fibroblasts. RF also improves blood flow, lymphatic drainage, as well as provides better oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance to further reduce the effects of ageing.*

Apart from the face, which other areas can be treated with Thermage?

Thermage can also reduce the signs of ageing around the eyes, forehead, jawline, jowls, and neck. Thermage can also be used on the body to tighten loose abdominal skin — all with no downtime and no surgery!*

Thermage Before & Afters

Thermage before and after
Thermage before and after
Thermage before and after
Thermage tummy tightening before and after
Thermage before and after

When do patients see the results from Thermage?

Some patients will see an immediate tissue contraction within the first week, but what happens over the next few months is more important. Thermage treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production which further tightens skin gradually over the next three to four months. Best results are typically seen at the four-month mark when new collagen forms.*

How many Thermage treatments do I need?

Usually one to two treatments are needed for optimal results. Treatments are spaced between 4 to 8 weeks apart.*

How long do the results last?

This will depend on your age and genetic makeup. In most cases, results will be seen for up to two years (or longer). For patients who over the age of 50, we do recommend repeat treatments every 18 to 24 months.

How is Thermage skin tightening performed and what is the procedure like?

We begin by identifying the treatment areas and taking baseline photographs. This serves as a benchmark for further treatments. The treatment area is then cleansed with antiseptic. Your Thermage Specialist will then select a suitable applicator size depending. During the treatments, you will feel a gentle heating sensation at first, followed by more intense heat as the treatment progresses. Thermage treatment times range between 20 to 60 minutes.

Is this treatment painful?

Using the very latest in third generation Thermage machines, treatments are well tolerated. We use a special device to alleviate pain and most patients describe a general feeling of warmth during the treatment.

What is typical of Thermage post-procedure recovery?

After the Thermage skin tightening procedure, patients describe a warm feeling and redness (much like that of a sunburn). In some cases there is mild itching, but this usually settles down within one to two days. 

Who is the ideal candidate for Thermage skin tightening treatments?

Generally, ideal candidates are patients who exhibit good skin texture. Brisbane has a high UV index, but if you have looked after your skin with sun protection and only exhibit skin laxity, you may be a suitable candidate for Thermage skin tightening. In patients who exhibit more facial fat, we may suggest another form of skin tightening known as Ultherapy.

What other non-surgical methods does the Fiori Institute offer to tighten and rejuvenate skin?

We have one of the widest selections of skin rejuvenating devices:


Thermage is designed to treat what lies under your skin namely to rejuvenate collagen and elastin and to tighten loose jowls and provide a nonsurgical facelift. Thermage shows bias towards patients who are ethnic in origin, as these skin types can more easily contract collagen and elastin.

Ultherapy uses a different form of skin heating known as HIFU. This stands for high intensity focus ultrasound. Ultherapy is a better treatment for patients who exhibit more facial fat and patients of Caucasian heritage.

The EndyMed Intensif PRO Shaper offers a more gentle method of contraction collagen. This system gradually stimulates and contracts collagen over 4-6 treatments.

Can Fraxel fractional laser resurfacing provide skin tightening?

Skin tightening can also be provided by Fraxel laser. This is a form of fractionated skin resurfacing. Fraxel can provide both collagen production and treat the upper parts of your skin to improve sunspots, liver spots, dark spots, wrinkles, and provide overall skin rejuvenation. For patients who exhibit mild forms of skin aging, the Clear + Brilliant system is an excellent entry level laser.*

Why is the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body one of Brisbane’s best clinics for Thermage treatments?

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body is the only clinic that is supervised and trained by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. We believe in selecting a suitable method to provide beautiful results for our patients. We have numerous pieces of top-quality equipment, as well as industry-leading lasers and energy devices. Patient education and careful client selection coupled with the best devices and extensive training makes us the Brisbane experts in skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

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