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Wrinkle Removal Brisbane

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, we have one of Brisbane's largest selections of lasers and energy devices together with treatments such as HydraFacial, as well as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. 

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body all our wrinkle treatment plans are tailored by our dermal therapists according to fit your skin perfectly!*

What is the best way to remove wrinkles?

Our philosophy is to work with each patient individually to meet their needs and expectations. Some patients would like a natural look and have some of their wrinkles softened, while others would like total wrinkle removal. At the Fiori Institute, we have ways to do both. Understanding your needs will allow us to create a custom treatment plan to help you reach your goals.*

We are a medically-based clinic, so we always begin by identifying the type of wrinkles you have. Wrinkles can be static, dynamic, or caused by sun damage (elastosis). For patients residing in Brisbane, where the UV index is high, it is often a combination of all three. Due to the variances in these results, the best wrinkle removal method is the plan that works with your skin to achieve optimal results.*

Wrinkle Removal Before & Afters

Wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after
wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after
wrinkle removal before and after
wrinkle removal before and after
wrinkle removal before and after
wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after
Wrinkle removal before and after

What is the most popular anti- wrinkle treatment?

The most popular wrinkle removal treatment is with the use of muscle relaxants. Due to strict TGA guidelines we can only refer to this injection as B. This injection has been the mainstay for anti-wrinkle treatments in Australia for the past 25 years. Our clinic employs Brisbane’s most talented injectors to give you the natural (and never frozen!) look.

What other methods do we use to treat wrinkles?

If your wrinkles are deep, for example, involving the cheeks, or underneath your eyes, dermal fillers can safely and effectively treat wrinkles.* Dermal fillers consist of sugar molecules known as hyaluronic acid and can last up to two years (depending on the location).

How can lasers help with wrinkles?

We have numerous laser devices at the Fiori Institute, including the world’s most trusted fractionated laser system, Fraxel.

The Fraxel laser produces tiny, controlled skin resurfacing to the lower part of your skin. Loss of collagen within this area produces wrinkles, but with controlled heat treatments, more collagen is laid over time and wrinkles can be reduced. The amount of wrinkle removal is dependent on the number of passes, energy levels, and the amount of fractionated laser resurfacing procedures.*

What is microneedling? Can this help with wrinkles?

Yes, it can. Microneedling has become more popular as better devices are being developed. Microneedling resurfacing is not the same as the above-mentioned lasers, as they employ vertical needles.

At the Fiori Institute we use two different forms of microneedling: non-energy based options (such as Dermapen) or the preferred energy-based EndyMed microneedling system. With the EndyMed system, we deliver controlled radiofrequency heat into the deeper dermal layers. Much like laser therapy, controlled heat contracts collagen and decreases wrinkles. Over three to four months, it also stimulates cells to lay new collagen and elastin, which further reduces wrinkles.*

Can skin tightening using either Ultherapy or Thermage also reduce wrinkles?

Yes, skin tightening can reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin – especially if you have loose, saggy patches. At the Fiori Institute we have several devices to tighten skin, including well-known brands such as Thermage and Ultherapy.

Over the last decade, Thermage has undergone an evolution in the refinement of therapy. It now produces reliable radiofrequency energy to help tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles on not only of the face but also the neck, chest, and even the abdomen. With Thermage body, almost any area of your body can be treated.*

Ultherapy is another device that we use to reduce or remove wrinkles. This treatment uses ultrasound waves that gently heat the lower layers of the skin. This process stimulates and contracts collagen, therefore removing wrinkles.*

We also use the EndyMed PRO shaper for tightening skin and smoothing wrinkles. Much like Thermage, this wrinkle removal system also produces radiofrequency, but at a lower energy setting. This is an ideal wrinkle removal system for the body, but it can also be used on the face. Usually five to six treatments are needed over four to six months for optimal wrinkle removal results.

Why entrust the Fiori Institute for wrinkle removal?

All the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body dermal specialists are trained by internationally renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons. We have the widest array of energy devices, lasers, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and chemical peels to help reduce and remove wrinkles. Unlike other clinics, we will always find a solution for your wrinkle removal needs.*

Why is wrinkle prevention part of the Fiori Institute’s skincare plans?

Treating wrinkles is important; however, preventing wrinkles is even more helpful in achieving a long-lasting and youthful appearance.* Apart from the use of anti-wrinkle injections, with can also give you advice on the best vitamins for your skin, including vitamin A, B, and C together with copper peptides, which will help reduce the formation of wrinkles. We also have prevention tailored programs, including a gentle laser such as Clear and Brilliant or collagen boosting chemical peels.

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