Treating Acne Low Level Laser

September 6, 2016
treating acne low level laser

Treating acne, pimples and zits without drugs, using low level laser light


Most people would agree that treating acne naturally is the first step prior to antibiotics.   Acne pimples or zits are caused by a bacteria known as P.  acnes which lives in the oil gland.   When these glands get clogged up with blackheads oil starts to build up, forming a chemical soup which allows bacteria to multiply. This is how pimples and zits form.


The first step in preventing pimples is to reduce the amount of blackheads.   Our team at Fiori can formulate a chemical peel plan based upon your skin type and your oil production to help you exfoliate these blackheads.   Using the correct gentle cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers will also help with acne-prone skin, as will using the correct make up.*


If your skin is red and inflammatory with pimples, then treatments such as Kleresca or blue light treatment can help.   Omnilux blue light treatment targets the bacteria by releasing chemicals which kills them naturally. Omnilux Blue is reaching its 15th birthday, and in 2017, Omnilux treatment has been replaced by the repair and rejuvenate blue light by the Kleresca low level laser light. Unlike one wavelength of blue light delivered by Omnilux, Kleresca has 2- double the power, double the wavelengths. To take things one step further, Kleresca uses a special biophotonic gel to activate chemicals within the oil glands where bacteria lives.


If you have acne-prone skin or even oily skin our team can certainly find a solution to keep you blemish-free. For the best results for blemish free – acne free skin, one has to look further than just one treatment, but develop a specialized program that starts with cleansing, and ends with repair of inflamed skin- tailored skin programs is what we deliver.*


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