What is melasma?

September 6, 2016
face pigmentation

Melasma is a very common condition characterised by skin pigmentation around the eyes, face and upper lip.   It also affects the cheeks and is mottled in appearance.   Melasma is very common in Brisbane as we have a very high UV index.

The cause of melasma is unknown, however, there are three main factors contributing to melasma.   These include hormones (often known as the mask of pregnancy), UV exposure and also genetics. Of all of these three factors, it is the UV exposure in Brisbane which makes this condition an extremely common one.   Even the best sunscreens do not protect totally against UV rays. Unfortunately we see many cases of melasma that have been treated by IPL. This treatment can initially improve melasma, only to worsen facial pigmenation. IPL should never be used to treat this form of skin pigmentation.*

The mainstay of melasma treatment is not with aggressive lasers but with bleaching creams that decrease the production of pigment.   Additionally, gentle lasers such as Clear + Brilliant coupled with skin boosters such as vitamin A, B, and C as well as copper peptides can help reduce pigmentation over time. Melasma face pigmentation also responds extremely well to chemical peels including glycolic acid peels and TCA peels.*

At the Fiori Institue of Skin and Body, our specialist team are experts in the treatment of skin pigmentation. We will tailor a suitable medical specialist grade skin care regime as well as a chemical peel regime for your condition. You will notice your skin pigmentation fading as the weeks go by!


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